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I. Adjustment of breeding conditions (Land to January 15) Breeding Situation Standard: According to the length of the scorpion (from the ear to the end of the tail), each × 2.2 two is normal breeding. Subject adjustment can be divided into two phases:
(1) Natural drop: (Land to December 1)
貉子 enters hibernation, loss of appetite, feeding once every evening, generally every day Face 1.5 two (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 1.7 two, fish powder), fish powder 4 money, food addition standards should be completely clean in the rear tray.
(2) Artificiality State: (December 1st to January 15)
From December 1st, we started adjustment in the case, first of all, the mother weight is generally weighing once, According to the standards, the standard is measured high, see how to fell, to the breeding, and control the food volume on January 15.
From December 10, once again, it is measured every day. It is reduced to a variety of breeding per day, and the food increase or decrease is adjusted again on January 15. At this stage, the feed is 7 ~ 9 yuan (or puffed feed + puffed face, 9 yuan -1.1, fish powder), 4 money in fish powder is suitable.
Second, the feeding and management of the estrusity and management (1) Lifestyles, estrus
From January 16th, increase the protein feed, and promote its estrus. Generally: 7 money (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 9 money, fish powder), 5 money, 7 money, eggs, eat, feeding, feeding a small amount of carrots or vegetable leaves (quantity Half two or so).
Additive: From January 20th, it is raised, and the other is the same. From February 1st, he will finish it twice, and each morning and evening.
(2) Management and method of breeding period
1, the breeding time is substantially from the end of January to end March 10, the best time is in mid-February.
2, management: enter the breeding period, general face 8 ~ 9 money (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 9 yuan to 1 two, fish powder), fish powder 5 money, eggs 7 money, noon add carrots or vegetables Ye, public junction plus a chopped egg. Additive feeding method: Ibid!
3, breeding method
(1) Try: Generally, from January 28th, the muntie is a happy life, and there is a cage in the evening and called the sound. The mother is swollen and has a wet. Cage brick.
At 5 ~ 7m, after 4:00 pm, the estrus performance is good.The clip is sprinkled into the public in the cage. If the bite is immediately pulled out, try it every two days. (Doing so can promote the public, the mother is fast, but don’t frequent, forcibly, avoid the mate sexual selection of the male and female) has been naturally accepted by the mother.
If the body is heavy, the mother is late, and 50% glucose can be fed a little or with a cooked egg. At the same time, for the emotional treasure a day, you can promote his estrus.
(2) Breeding method: breeding generally distributes once the first day of natural acceptance, and two (once each morning in the morning and evening), on the third day, it can end. Pay attention to the mother’s mother with other public, avoid empty. There may be a mouse, don’t matter, which one wants to make.

………………………………………………… . At the end of the breeding, it is generally weighing body weight, mastering the physical condition after breeding, and has a number in his heart, measuring how much each scorpion is added, and the general palm is holding a spoon. Feed 25 ~ 30 days, then slowly add, master it in a spoon.
In 30 days, the face should be lowered to 5 ~ 6 yuan (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 6 ~ 7 money, fish powder is half), fish powder 8 money, eggs 7 money, food should be thin. The physical condition is large, the thin scorpion is plus face 25 days, consumes small 30 days, plus 2 money every 5 days (add 0.4 money every day), ie 30-35 days, face 9 money to 1 Two (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 1.1 two, fish powder), 45 days of facing addition to 1.5 (or puffed feed + puffed face, total 1.7).

(2) Forage Management of 45 ~ 60 days: (decided to have a good amount of production), 45 ~ 50 days of face plus 1.8 two (or puffed feed + puffed face, total 2 two, fish powder increase 5 money), fish powder increased to 1 or two. In addition, starting from 45 days, adding a cooked egg at noon, add vegetables at noon, 50 ~ 60 days of facial surface plus 2 ~ 2.2.5 two (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 2.2 ~ 2.7, fish powder increase to 0.6), fish powder Add 1.2 two, eggs, and vegetable feeds.
Pregnancy additive feeding method: At the same time, after 25 days of pregnancy, the appropriate amount is appropriate, until the nest. In addition, add cod liver oil daily 40 days; 50 days, adding live polypeptides,5 grams each.

In addition, there is 60 days of fish powder, and the face should be prepared, the quality is good, can not be replaced in the middle, the food should be controlled, the food is thin, 30 days is small, 40 days after the amount, but Don’t excessively, according to each feeding, the food is completely clean.
If you see the rest, you should add a spoon next time, if you can eat clean, this is enough. Pay attention to observation and adjustment, no loss, keep the appetite.
Four, breastfeeding, feeding and management (1) Publitter care: 2 to 3 days before the ranks of the scorpion (the pregnancy, usually 57 ~ 58 days), generally feeding normal in the 60th day Produced, there is also a delay of 3 to 5 days.
The scorpion has lost the wild 24 hours before, don’t be afraid, do it well, people in front of the nest, see if the mother is in the first child, and the navel is peeled off. If you don’t need to manage it, you may not peel off (usually 3 minutes to die). At this time, you will use the caregiver to hook the unopened little scorpion, quickly strip the head and sore cells. Use a shear from cutting the umbilical cord (leave 1 cm).
If the peeling is dead, you can save the artificial breathing with your hands, you can save it. Mother is very slow, usually 5 ~ 6 hours or longer, don’t worry, the more you need to care, and the mortality rate is high. After the mother is finished, use the clip to put the big mother and put it in other idle cages.
Started to check the small scorpion: First, the quantity of the list is to see if it is wrapped around the umbilical cord, cut with the scissors, three is to see if the tap of the big mother is cleaned, with a hand, smash the teap. Finally, put the big mother, put the nest, and keep it warm.
After waiting for half an hour, it is quiet, it is normal, if it is not quiet, check the reason, generally does not have problems.
(2) Raising: Mother is fed three times after childbirth. Face 2.5 or so (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 2.7 two, fish powder 0.5), according to the appetite of the scorpion, with the increase of the amount of the small scorpion, the face is slow. Fish powder 1 two, increase fat feed, such as goat milk, soy milk, and less quantity.
Feed an egg at noon, and the food is dilute, and the face is increased as the appetite. Drug: Mother is born after childbirth, one potatin, one piece a day, yeast feed 4 pieces every day, other vitamin drugs are fed according to the adjustment, the amount increases C, fish liverThe number of oils.
Small scorpion started eating around 18 to 20 days, putting milk her mother, 1 piece per scorpion, can be less depending on the situation, then you want to control the food of the small scorpion to avoid excessive pulse.
(3) Feeding and Management after the nest:
(1) 30 days after the nest, the raising management
small scorpion began in 45 ~ 50 days, such as the growth of a well, You can divide the big one, can be 3 ~ 4, and then gradually gradually, and small make the mother brought a few days. It is critical to feeding within one month after the division, determines its life.
This stage, because the donkey is different in the morning and evening, the feed volume is not determined, but it is necessary to grasp two standards:
First, the amount of food is controlled, and the small scorpion is fed in the market. Clean;
Second, it can’t see obvious belly after being finished. The food is particularly thin (like a thin porridge but not sticky), the food is grasped 15 days before each small scorpion, and the small spoon of the dinner is half-spoon. The next 15 days slowly increases to more than half a spoon or a spoon, which is 5 ~ 7.
Feeds are not fixed, generally in total face, fish powder 3: 1 with (such as 3 kg face, a catty fish powder). The face is reduced accordingly, adding some glucose, goat milk or milk powder, plus feeding, daily 3 money per day.
Additive: Each meal is brought by 2% plus spactic polypeptide, vitamin C, cod liver oil, golden peptide, feed according to the sky. Start feeding the insecticide Medicine from Ike.
(2) Feeding management in June to November
In July, Feed is the same, and the amount of food is gradually increased. Face, fish powder Press 4: 1 with 3 money, and drug feeding. Feeding 7 ~ 8, starting to fight against the disease.
2, 8 to September feed only increase the face, fish powder 4 money daily (egg 2 money or feeding chicken liver, egg bag, etc., each daily 3 money, only give long slow little 貉The child is filled with 8 ~ 9.
From 3, 10 to November, the food should be feeding, the fish powder increased to 5 yuan, and the oil-containing meat is increased in late October, which is usually a chicken rack, chicken tip, chicken neck, etc., each 6 money per day. The face should gradually increase from July to November to each 32-3.5 (or puffed feed + puffed face, a total of 3.2 ~ 3.7, 5 money 5). Establish a winter ~ small snow.
V. Several questions that should be paid attention to during the feeding process 1, the genitals set: the mother is going to Yang,After deep winter, you should use grass blinds and plastic. It can be early estrus, and the public is also a place to warm.
2, ensure that the scorpion is growing normally, the most important thing is: control adjustment appetite, after feeding, the food is completely cleaned, Ning, no, see the food, the fecal black strip is hard Description The amount of food is slightly smaller; the feces is slightly soft, indicating that the amount of food is normal; the pulse is reduced to eat.
3, Feed ratio: general 100 kg of corn 20 pound wheat, 10 pounds of peas. The small scorpion is reduced to 5 pounds in 2 months, and this time the beans high will cause indigestion. (Or 1/3 puffed face + 2/3 puffed feed, or 1/2 puffed face + 1/2 puffed feed)
4, 7 to September, the moon is disinfecting internally.
Sixth, the prevention and treatment of common diseases 1, pulse: taking food, mainly due to excessive eater, the food has not been matured or the feed deterioration, and the reasons are found accordingly.
Treatment: Treatment reduction, oral celebration, according to the size of the size of 1 to 2, edible plus fluoride or other intestinal anti-inflammatory drugs, etc., people have used drugs; diarrhea Using a human use of pyrosol to add viralazole, the amount of injection of injection is used as described.
2, cold: It is expressed as suddenly food or does not eat food, nose top dry, injection of penicillin, indulgence, dexamethasone each, 1/2 or 1/3 of 5 pounds, twice a day, Normal.
3, parasitic disease: main performance: the nose is gray, the light is not eating, and the pulse and shrinking, self-bite. Treatment: Use beast insecticide Medicine, Vanda Ike (in vivo, parasitic) + hydrochloride (vivensiliaty disease).

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