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Although the type of pig disease is wide and complex, some specific clinical symptoms or pathological changes can be used as a pointer to the condition. Now Zhongnuo Heart Pig Festival will introduce common representative pigverity to everyone: Differential points of common epidemic disease (1) Dissolution of thermal epidemic disease with skin (1) The pharynx is obviously swollen, and it is acute. ———- pig lung disease (2) pharyngeal obvious swelling After ———- pig anthrax (3) no pharyngeal swollen major age, erythema is not faded ———- swine fever (4) no pharyngeal swell Big border is easy to get on, the erythema is not faded, and the red spot does not protrudes the skin boundary. Skin, there is a mid-term line with a rhombus, square, etc. ———- pig Danadi (6) no pharyngeal swelling occurs in the fans of piglets, lame, neurological symptoms ——– pig Streptococcus (7) No pharyngeal swelling occurs in piglet limbs, tip and skin eczema, diarrhea ——– Pig pair 2, identification of diseases with obvious respiratory symptoms (1) Normally breathing difficult, Nasal no lesions ———- porcal gas (2) body temperature is difficult to breathe, nose has lesions ———- pig atrophic rhinitis (3) body temperature rises high After adverse ———- swine fever (4) body temperature rises high to be well-influential ———- pig flow-length cold (5) body temperature rising high disabled or local Popular passing through adverse ——— Pig bow body disease (6) body temperature rises high to spread or local popular passive ———- pig influenza pseudohadia disease (7) The temperature rise is disproportionate or local epidemics ———————————————————————————– – Pig infectious encephalomitis (2) Nerve symptoms are obvious. Vomiting. Constipation. Pig blood suspension ——————————— —- Pig influenza pseudohavis (4) neurological symptoms. Attack people. Livestock ———- Pig Pseudo (5) NeurosisShape. Validity. Conductive weight ———– Pig Li Bacillus (6) Neurological symptoms. Muscle is strong ———- pig breaks the wind (7) neurological symptoms. Pigged pigs have head edema after weaning ———- pig water swelling (8) neurological sepsis —————————– Symptomatic symptoms. Human sick pigs have neurological pregnancy sow abortion and boar’s orchitis ——- Porcinocetaliosis Page 2 / (3 pages) 4, the tipped portal Identification of diseases (1) All kinds of livestock uniform infection with pigsmititis (2) Even the beasts can be infected with foot-and-mouth disease (3) piglets infected pig spine disease (4) pig people can infect the condition is less than the death of pigs 5, Pigdul palate diseases with diarrhea symptoms (1) feces contain necrotic tissue or fiber protein samples ———- Pig Pigher Passion (2) Bloody mucus Duyorne ——————————– Pig dysentery. (3) Yellow white or dark black water or paste raasant ——— porcine virus disease (4) gray or yellow water is fast, vomiting, piglet Mortality ———- Pig infectious gastroenteritis (5) Gray or yellow water is slow, low mortality ———- pig flow trap diarrhea. (6) White paste is raasant ———- piglet white diarrhea (10 ~ 30 days) (7) Yellow white paste is ray ———- Piglet Buffet (7 During the age of age) (8) Blood-shaped raasant ———- piglet blood dysentery (3 days) High free serum 1, used for swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, blue ear, ring Prevention and treatment of viral disease, pseudoal travele, fine virus disease. Viral, bacterial, immunodeflative diseases, have significant and unique effect on antibiotics, and can improve weak pigs and piglet disease resistance and enhance physical fitness. 2, non-name high heat, blue-ear virus, chronic germachen virus, cyclovirus, influenza virus, etc. continue to high heat (40-42 ° C or more), loss of appetite, fear of cold, breathing, breathing, gasping, With blood sample diarrhea, sometimes constipation and diarrhea alternate, red eyes, purple, red, red hair, blue hair, or subcutaneous bleeding, commonly known as “red skin disease” or “blue skin disease”. 3, Bacillus, Salmonella, Anti-Anti-Porcelays, Bacillus, Bacillus, Bacillus, Hemorrhagic sepsis, via tips, pulmonary oysteria, infectious pleuropneumitis, bow-shaped burning, loss of appetite, spirit Shen Yu, red purple, breast redness, large shallow gate swelling, yellow pus, cough, diarrhea, etc.

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