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1. Difficulty analysis

Size rabbit is not a simple thing, it is not a traditional family small rabbit farm to expand the number of breeding. From those lessons that fail, we should see that the difficulty of scale rabbits is technical factors, and the second is management factors, and the third is social factors. Different rabbits failing cause, although different, no matter which one has problems, it will cause a fatal blow to scale. In order to make everyone easier to understand, the author refinement of the failure of my country’s large-scale rabbit or large-scale rabbit field:

1, small environmental factors. One of the largest differences between scale rabbits and traditional rabbits is that the small environment has changed greatly. The so-called small environment, mainly refers to small climate indicators of family rabbits, such as humidity, temperature, ventilation, light, noise, harmful gases, and pathogenic microorganisms. According to the author’s investigation, my country’s large-scale rabbit farm has many serious problems in environmental control. In particular, high-density feeding and ventilation, the increase in high humidity, gas dilution and harmful microbial concentration, so that the rabbit is small climate, resulting in reduced disease resistance, and creates conditions for infectious diseases. According to Shandong Agricultural University Liu Hongfeng, Li Fuchang, etc. (2002), the environmental indicator of the large-scale rabbit field of indoor cage and outdoor feeding.

The above major environmental hygiene indicators indicate the extent of environmental deterioration in indoor rabbits, explaining enhanced environmental control, and optimizing the rabbit house is an important part of scale rabbit.

According to the author’s investigation of the domestic rabbit farm, most rabbit farms use three overlapping rabbit cages, which is generally 2.31 breeding rabbits per square rabbit (Valley, 2001), and foreign rabbit developed countries with rabbits, rabbits, single-layer hanging or double-layer steps, semi-stepped, rarely used three overlapping. Increased feeding density, causing small climatic deterioration, which leads to the main cause of low production performance and disease occurrence of rabbits.

2. Feed factors. The size of the rabbit farm has strong dependence on feed and nutrients. It is easy to have problems in these aspects: It will cause great losses. my country’s forage resources are extremely richRich, but the biggest difficulty in scale, the rough feed is not well resolved. This is due to the large amount of crude feed in the rabbit farm, and it takes four seasons to be stable. However, due to the high variety of crude feed, the quality is large, the texture is fluffy, the storage is difficult, and the quality is easily influenced by the wind and snow, especially if it is easy to change, resulting in poisoning in rabbits. According to the author, almost 100% scale rabbit field has more or less in the feed,

3, the source factor. Size-scale rabbits have proposed high requirements for rabbits: excellent varieties, standard rabbits, healthy populations, which is a prerequisite for achieving high-efficiency production of rabbits. Unfortunately, we are still difficult to achieve this requirement. Especially the health rabbit group is difficult to achieve. Some rabbits have purchased unhealthy rabbits, which will soon fall into the constant mud pit. High-quality seed, high quality environment and quality management are essential conditions for the scale of rabbits, and it is not possible.

4, technical factors. The rabbit itself is a strong technical work, and the scale rabbit has put forward higher requirements for technology. Whether it is the breeding and breeding, or the design of the feed selection and formula, or the development and implementation of daily feeding management norms and epidemic prevention procedures, it requires high scientific and technological content, requiring high-quality technicians, excellent hard The dedicated feeding personnel, the applicable diseases and environmental testing methods, and the mutual connection and supporting of the technical links. In fact, there are currently some of our rabbits, whether in terms of technical hardware or in software, it is difficult to adapt to the technical requirements of scale rabbits.

5, the field factor. The selection of the site, the layout of the building, the design of the rabbit house is reasonable, directly related to the high low efficiency of the rabbit field, and the economic benefits, and even the success or failure of breeding. In production, some rabbit farms often neglect the importance of the site selection, such as high terrain, surrounding environment, dominant wind direction, water supply is good for epidemic, is conducive to rabbit production and personnel work and life; ignore the building partition Principles (living welfare area, work management area, rabbit production area and epidemic acid isolation zone), especially the distinction between cleaning and pollutant degradation; And spacing, size, high and layout of doors and windows, width, slope andSmall slide, wall and ground materials, thickness and anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, thermal insulation design; ignore the design of rabbit cage, the choice of materials, and the choice of cage. These are directly or indirectly affecting the effects and benefits of the scale rabbit field.

6. Disease factors. The author survey, as the scale of rabbits expands, the incidence of disease is gradually improved, and the difficulty in preventing is increased. Among them, gastrointestinal diseases and respiratory diseases are mainly, and the fungal infectious disease has increased year by year, while the main acute infectious diseases (such as rabbit) and common parasitic diseases (such as coccidia, 疥 疥 病) have decreased trend. In the analysis of the disease, the disease caused by the pathogens caused by pathogenic bacteria, which is not related to the deterioration of the small climate of feeding management and rabbit. Most of the scale of the rabbit field understanding is plagued by the disease.

7. Management factors. Analysis of the composition of my country’s rabbit field investors in China is not difficult to find that the proportion of boss to raising rabbits is not very common, and most of the other industries are used to reduce rabbits. Its advantage is that there is a funding advantage, or it is also possible to engage in large-scale management experience and market awareness. However, the management of rabbits is different industries, planting and processing industries. It faces the very delicate rabbit to do with noise, drinking water, dirt urination, reproduction and growing, and growing daily, facing their thoughts. A live feeding personnel in business. The main task of the management personnel of rabbit industry is to organize rabbit industry in science. Whether to mobilize the enthusiasm of each breeder, whether it will improve the operation skills of the breeding person in the short term, which is the key to raising a good rabbit. That is to say, we must raise the rabbit, take a good person. The rabbits that many managers don’t understand are not good at management, often violating science, blind decision-making caused significant mistakes.

8. Market factors. With the development of technology and economy, the in-market economy is in-depth, the market has active role in regulating the loss and proportional price. Especially the industry-oriented industries like the rabbit products, the volatility of the market is often, small and small, and the big destination is inevitably happening. During the low tide, the small-scale rabbit farm can kill the rabbit, the washing is not dry, and the loss is not large. But for large-scale rabbits, such large investment and hard work, it is difficult to make a choice for washing. In the continuous low tide, the scalp is insisted in that companies that are still not strong in economic strength is easy to hold out. Therefore, large loans, big investmentThe single operation of the big hand is not to form an industrialized scale rabbit company is easy to fluctuate in the market.

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9, social factors. The rabbit is a matter of getting rich people, so it has a close relationship with the government in our country. There is no doubt that the governments at all levels have given great attention, support and guidance in the development of my country’s rabbit industry. However, there are excessive interventions in some specific things, but also one of the causes of the failure of the rabbit field. In particular, the failure of raising rabbit companies with official or semi-organity nature, it is nothing.

The scale of rabbit is the way, scale rabbit needs a series of harsh conditions, scale rabbits It requires technical support, economic support and market support. Past practice shows that with the decrease in the expansion and benefits of breeding, the risk of large enterprises fail. So is China’s scale rabbits still develop? How to develop? The author believes that facing China’s rich and low-cost human resources, forage resources, venue resources, and colorful climate resources, make full use of national industrial policies and government preferential policies, using my country’s accession to the WTO’s favorable opportunity, actively explore, courageous Practice, the scale of the rabbit of rabbits in China. Believe a few ideas for reference;

1, company + base + farmers. Small groups, large-scale, overcome high-density large groups of disadvantages, long and avoid weaknesses.

2, grabbread, with the middle. A leading company, grab the processing and market, dredging channels to form an industry.

3, comply with the trend of the times, develop pollution-free green rabbits, expand two markets, dredge channels, and achieve continuous development.

4, joint technology research, solve key technologies of scale rabbits, explore practical scale rabbits in the short term, including rabbit house construction, environmental control, nutrition level and feed formula, Feeding management procedures, breeding procedures, immunotypes; in a short period of time, screening suitable size, product, combination, and supporting system.

5, raising and making a group of rabbit entrepreneurs who understand techniques, good at management. Support and establish a group of successful scale rabbit companies.

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The rabbit breeding industry is in a large scale, from small-scale sized to scale Chemical, by the family deputy model, by the traditional direction of scientific direction. This is an insurmountable stage. Therefore, my country’s large-scale rabbit has just begun, it is a long-term combat mission. With the development of economy and technology, the scale of rabbits will continue to be improved. Under the guidance and coordination of China Rabbit Industry Association, we carefully absorb the successful experience and failure lessons at home and abroad, unite, actively explore, work hard, work hard for my country’s rabbit industry.

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