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Niu Yi (Maheer) and Lu Yu Niu Yi and Lu Wei are one of a huge vampire family, belonging to Dako, including 4000 flourifier varieties. There are 144 kinds of beef and deer in Canada. The difference between the cow and the deer is only different in size, and the deer is about 6 to 10 mm, and the cowhoe is about 10 to 30 mm. Their bites include people and livestock, bringing great pain to the bite and can spread the pathogen. There is also a different females with the bodies, and there are only females that are only females in the somatosoma. The economic losses caused by Niu Yi and Luku on the nursery industry also include the cost of treating diseases, but the loss is greater, and the body weight gain and milk production are significantly reduced. In the mid-1980s, Niu Yi and Lu Wei had caused nearly $ 54 million in economic losses to the US beef cattle industry. Perich et al. (1986) found that small cows were in average 90 cowmane every day to cause weight of 0.1 kg of translators. The beef and deer will tear the skin and blood vessels of the bite in the bite, so it can imagine that the bite of the beef and the deer will cause great pain. The coward and deer is contained in the vitrogent factor, and the wound after bitbite will not be fast blood coagulation. It will attract other flies such as home flies, flies and other flies to gather at the wound. Cow and deer can carry and propagate pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, cones and worms, including cow vermiculosis viruses, benest pathogens and Lym disease pathogens. The population fluctuations in the cow and the deer are related to a variety of factors, such as the current environmental factors, the environmental factors of the previous year, and the location of the wetland. Environmental factors such as temperature, precipitation and flood duration, etc., can affect the seasonal population fluctuations in adult cowhoe in the next year. The number of 虻虻 is more than the other place in grazing sites near wetlands and woodland. The pasture fly issues are a headache and a problem that is difficult to solve, regardless of domestic and foreign. There are many research on the influence of foreign countries on dairy breeding, including dairy welfare and economic aspects, while in China, there are fresh research, and the prevention and control of pasture mosquitoes is also low. Foreign research proves that the loss caused by fly is huge and ignored. Today, in the rapid development of the breeding industry in my country, the problem of prevention and control of mosquitoes is also a problem that we have to face. You can use eucalyptus essential oil – Le Chang, the cattle farm opens the spraying device at the temperature of more than 30 ° C, evenly sprayed on the dairy table, twice a week to the pastureGround, walls, grooves, drainage ditchs are thoroughly sprayed, and the collected feces are sprayed daily. Not only can flies, but also have an effect on other body meter parasites. The flies have so long in nature, and they want to completely eliminate almost impossible. Most of the routine deworming drugs have certain poisonous effects and cannot be used in a specific time period of the cows. Eucalyptus essential oils are natural plant extracts, absolutely green, and safety will not have any harm to cows.

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