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Clinical symptoms of infectious bronchitis: 1. Disease chickens or mouth breathing, cough, screaming, sticky nasal liquid, tears, tears. 2. Reduce appetite, sleep, often piled up. 3. The renal strain infected with chicken, the symptoms of the respiratory tract, also appear under white water, and the drinking water increased. Pathological changes: 1. The body is severely dehydrated, the skin and muscles are not easy to separate. 2. The tracheal is looped, and there is a yellow embolism and a viscous secretion in the nasal cavity. 3. The kidneys are swollen, which is pale, and there is a crystalline in the renal tube, and the kidney of odinate. Salmonella disease clinical symptoms: 1. Chicken Bai: 2-3 weekly old chicks, the highest rate, the highest mortality, the chick, and neck. Close your eyes, row, white brownure, butt stick, acute will breathe difficult, breathless, tap breathing. 2. Poultry injury: acute suddenly dysfunished, row yellow-green silk, other symptoms are the same. Pathological changes: 1. The liver is swollen, soft texture, has a large number of necrotic stoves and nodules, gallbladder spleen swollen, kidney swelling. 2. Blind intestines, with yellow-white cheese samples, intestinal trunks are karma. 3. Chicken is stricken: the liver presents bronze lesions, and the myocardium has yellow white necrosis. Clinical symptoms of Escherichia coli: 1. Spirit is depressed, loss of appetite, thin, row green or yellow-green feces. 2. There will be a glutinous joint and a blister or pus is symptomatic when the pathogen is infringed. 3. Eye swelling (single eyeloma) is yellowish exudate when infringing. 4. A neurological symptoms will occur in violation of the brain: the bow foot is reversed. Pathological changes: 1. Acute sepsis: the skin muscle blood stasis is purple, the liver is swollen in black or green, and intestinal mucosa. 2. Hepatolaritis: The liver is hardened, and there is necrotic disorder on the surface. There is a layer of white fibrin attached. 3. Airbagitis: The airbag is cloudy, thickening, and cheese-like exudates on the surface. 4. Heartburst inflammation: cardinal package turbidity, thickening, permeable film and outer membrane with white fibrin attached.
Clinical symptoms of chronic respiratory disease: 1. Frequent squeezing of the nostrils, cough, breathing, and the spirit is not reduced. 2. Eye tears, swelling, severe eyes closed, can be seen in size and sized. Pathological changes: 1. There is a viscous secretion in the nasal tracheal bronchial. 2. Tracheal loop bleeding, the secretions often have a yellow cellulose-proof exudate, severe visible cheese is blocked. 3. The airbag is thickening, opaque, has a yellow-white viscous secretion in the cyst. Clinical symptoms of coccidia: 1. Spiritual depth, Feathers fluffy, loss of appetite, and filled with liquid. 2. Clamps and visual mucosae anemia, pale gradually thin. 3. Red Carrot State Fender is aqueous, thin, if the feces is fed when the soft Amy’s ear pump is started, and it becomes a complete blood manure. 4. If a plurality of coccidi is mixed, the feces are bleeded and contain a large amount of peeling intestinal mucosa. Pathological changes: Disease chickens have mainly occurred in the intestinal lesions and extent to be related to the variety of coccidia. Symptoms of muscle stomach adenitis: 1. Dissolving skin and drinking water. 2. Dusions are mainly yellowed. 3. The fluffy, uniformity, and ulcers have ulcers with ulcer muscles. 4. Gothostat is large, such as a table tennis.

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