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When the low temperature is cold, the cold wave is increasing, and the aquaculture should pay close attention to the weather forecast, do a good job in anti-cold counterparts. As we all know, the cold wave brings huge economic losses to the aquaculture. Let’s talk about how to talk about the fish, how to deal with fish low temperature stress. Low temperature of fish, low fish immunity

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Fish is a temperature change animal, and the water temperature is one of the most important external factors affecting the process of fish metabolism, but water temperature not only affects its own physiological activities, but also affects its antioxidant defense system and antioxidant enzyme. system. In the cold winter, when the cold wave occurs, the temperature has dropped sharply, and the fish is low-temperature stimuli that is reduced by temperature. At low temperatures, the fish is increased on one aspect, and the decrease in neurotrophone secretion, decreased digestive enzyme activity, and metabolic disorders of digestive enzyme activity and metabolic mode. Low temperature stress will not only reduce the antioxidant capacity of fish, but also indirectly damage the entire immune system of fish, which in turn leads to red skin disease, rice mildew, and vertebranes. The 2018 cold wave is constantly struck, how can the fish should be in the winter? 1, appropriately increase the aquaculture temperature, by increasing the water level, maintaining the water depth at 2 m, improves the insulation capacity, and reducing the drastling changes in water temperature due to temperature mutation. 2. Improve the cold and resistance and resistance of fish by nutrition. Proteins are closely related to fish immunity and coldness, adding easy to digestive absorption in base diet, and amino acid balance proteins can ensure normal growth and wintering in low temperatures. Under normal circumstances, the amino acids of protein decomposition itself can undertake anti-stress function, while the protein balance of the fish in the fish is low-temperature, and more protein is denatured. 3, add bile acid to the feed, promote the fat metabolism in the feed, improve the feed energy utilization, protect the liver gallbladder, and improve the fat resistance of fish. The water temperature is low, the fish is energy metabolism, and the feed utilization rate is low. In order to adapt to low temperature stress, the metabolism of three major nutrients in the fish is a corresponding response. Bile acid can promote the digestion and absorption of fat in the feed, improveFish has a utilization rate and fat utilization rate of oil, fat utilization, and maximize feed energy utilization. Studies have shown that fish may be the fatty acid composition of different tissue cell membranes by modulating fatty acid metabolism and its gene expression, thereby increasing the cold resistance of low temperature. In addition, the fish is good, the liver can secrete non-specific immune enzymes, promote the secretion of body surface, ensure the anti-resistance of the fish. Copyright Notice: This article is the Shandong Longchang movement of the original article, and the original text is published in the Dragon Central to China. If you need to reprint, please indicate the source.

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