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Weaning piglets are called “The most difficult pig” is not over, on the one hand, because of all kinds of stress after weaning, the autoimmune system is not effectively established because of the loss of mother antibodies. Therefore, the respiratory diseases, digestive tract diseases in the breeding, are almost all of the vulnerable pigs. How to raise a piglets to reach the fullness of the breeding pig, is the foundation for the growth of fat pigs? Here, you will ask pigs to do the “three transitions” of piglets. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig prevention ….)

First, transition, feeding method transition piglets mainly eat milk before weaning Mainly, eat the teaching tank, supplemented by the teaching trough, asked the pig man to add a teaching trough 5-6 times a day, and do a small amount of diligent. After the piglet is weaned, it turns into a completely snapped tank. If the direct change limit supply 5-6 times for free food, the piglet is easy to eat, the spleen and stomach of piglets, causing the pigs to diarrhea. Therefore, the pig man is not immediately changed to free food, still need to feed 5-6 times / day, supplemented by a small amount of freely feeding, and then gradually decrease after 3 days before weaning. Each time you feed, increase free child feed. The transition of the entire feeding method is recommended for a week, which is conducive to protective pig spleen and stomach function to ensure the growth of fattening pigs. The article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics, pig disease prevention ….)
Two, transition, feed type transitional pig breastfeeding feed is easy to digest liquid milk After weaning, it turned into a solid feed of not digestion. The solid feed entered the gastrointestinal tract of the piglet. It will cause certain damage to small intestine fluff, which leads to shortening the length of the small intestinal fluff, and the intestinal digestive function is weakened, and the feed is affected. Digestion and absorption, resulting in the occurrence of diarrhea after weaning. My feeding habits are piglets after weaning, and they will continue to feed a bag of teaching troughs. When they come to the teaching trough, they will use the piglet to feed the feed transition (replacement usually takes 7 days). Because the piglets are more familiar with the taste of the opening, the piglets will continue to feed the opening, which is beneficial to the piglets, not to fall. Further, the feed is not replaced when it is just weaned, and it is also possible to prevent the occurrence of pig edema. Article Source WeChat public number: Weiye Group (we update pig price information on time every day, market dynamics,Pig disease prevention ….) Third, transition, environmental transitional room temperature, humidity environmental conditions compared to nursery, piglets, have a slightly poor conservation house after weaning, and The environment transition is unsuccessful, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of diseases, pleural pneumoniae, sputum, influenza, influenza, influenza, flu.
The temperature in breastfeeding is required to reach 25 ° C. After the piglet is weaned, the temperature of the booster reaches 27 ° C due to the protection of the insulation box and the sow, down 1-2 ° C per week until 22 ° C. Preventing environmental changes The best way to stress piglets is that after weaning of piglets, drill the sows away from the production, and piglets are still feeding 7-10 days in the production of beds. During the feed type and feeding. Transition, so that piglets successfully cross the wean. In addition, if the pig farm is weaned, there is still an exciithic diarrhea problem after weaning, and it can be controlled by drug prevention: after weaning, there should be irritating diarrhea. Because the diarrhea after weaning is mostly due to weaned stress caused the digestive system to reduce the immune function of the digestion system, the pathogens such as enteric coli and Salmonella are caused. Using West East, the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine will help quickly diarrhea, and by supplementing probiotics, we can improve piglets and improve growth constitution. After successful transition of piglets, the active immunity of piglets slowly established, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract is also gradually sound, and the probiotics in the gastrointestinal tract are gradually established. These are the full support of the piglets, and the post-fat pig. Necessary conditions for rapid growth.

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