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The topic of the processing of feeds today is going to discuss it today is what matters need to pay attention to the rabbit feed? At the beginning of the rabbit industry, the self-contained processing feed has a large part of the scale. The advantages have the following points: First, some costs can be effectively saved (for the more rich areas of feed raw materials); Second, you can control the quality of feed materials yourself The feed material can be strictly strictly checked; three, you can use your own feed, a reasonable deployment formulation for rabbits in different periods; however, the processing of feed is not only advantageous, and there are also some shortcomings, one, time-freight, waste, waste Human resources; Second, local feed materials are highly procurement cost; three, processing feed requires equipment, occupying some of the materials self-machining feed can be used by raw materials available from the processing rabbit feed include, but is not limited to, corn, bran , Soybean meal, cotton rice, vegetable meal, peanut pie, sesame cake, tofu residue, alcohol, corn powder, feather powder, cassava, rice bran, rumor, grain powder, rice shell powder, submert powder, wheat flour, corn straw, Wheat straw, straw, peanut, sweet potato seeds can be used as the main raw material for rabbit feed processing, and rabbit friends need to formulate rabbit feed according to the local actual situation and different needs of rabbit varieties. The common feature of these raw materials is the lack of trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and methionine required for rabbits, supplemented these substances to rabbits growth and rapid fattening plays a crucial role, and rabbits can effectively supplement Rabbits require nutrients for nutrients such as rabbits such as minerals in rabbits; simultaneous containment of multi-probiotic microecological components, such as subtilis, Bacillus, Bacillus, Glucanase, Lactic acid bacteria, etc., can effectively reduce bloating, diarrhea disease, rabbit balls, can also achieve effective prevention, can achieve the purpose of improving the survival rate, can be used as: chloridate, chlorohydroxypyridine, Coppad, head Interactive rotation uses the occurrence of rabbit patients, due to long-term use of drug resistance, there is a case where the preventive effect is not ideal. Self-processing rabbit feed requires a major note of self-machining feeds: 1. Feed raw materials must strict screening to ensure quality pass, if the raw material is mild, the dust is too large, not fresh, etc. should not be used. Once the inferior raw material is used, it will cause bloating, diarrhea and digestive system, and the rabbit farm will become difficult to control.Treatment. Second, feed drug additives are not blindly added, need to be understood and used, used, and use cycle, etc., so as to avoid long-term use, leading to the burden of rabbit liver, causing death or disease. Third, the nutrition additive is not, the better, the author has seen it in the home of rabbit, and the nutrition additive is adding, thinking that there will be a long and good, in fact, good nutrition, but also according to actual Demand is added. IV. Self-processing feed needs to be reasonably grasp of feed hardness, size and other technical indicators. The particle feed length should be less than 0.64 cm, and the diameter should be less than 0.48 cm, while combining a slower cellulose in the intestine to avoid the occurrence of rabbit diarrhea . 5. Feed ratio should reasonably if it does not have the relevant rabbit feed nutritional technology knowledge, it is necessary for professional and technical personnel to design the feed formulation according to the variety, and the reasonable feed formulation can only achieve the idealization of cost and benefits. Write in the end: reasonably master the processing knowledge of rabbit feed, which is conducive to cost savings, raising the benefits of rabbit, especially in the case of rabbit prices, raising friends should learn how to effectively control costs, but control costs are never crushing Feed quality, this intermediate balance point, also need to raise rabbits to gradually explore.

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