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The diagnosis line of the textbooks is unlike: the development trend of Slim-liquid bladder colon [Color = RGBA (0, 0, 0, 0.298)] Original: [Color = RGBA (0, 0, 0, 0.298)] Wang Shuai Yi
now Most people, one listener is swollen, is the teaching of the textbook: Slipper blast epiton.
I will share these symptoms and I actually encountered in the first line.
1 of the joints caused by the hemic liquid bladder of the original.
The chicken of the slide chuck is gradually paralyzed, the joint is large, the hand is touched, and there is a mucus distribution in an anatomy.

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2 The chest cyst caused by the slide cysting of the epithelium is severe, which will form cysts at the chest. It can be seen in the appearance, and there is a yellow cheese.

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These two symptoms, I don’t care, I know now. Tell me what I have encountered in front line.

Slip-liquid bladder, if the symptoms have occurred, then treatment, it has been finished, the treatment is not ideal. And as we have experience in the first line, the current slider blast epiton also has a symptoms of atypical symptoms. Especially in the variety of 817, the slid fluid bladder is not shown to show that there is a large swelling. After 25 days, the large group of spirits is good, that is, it does not mean, this situation requires consideration of the slider bladder. At this time, the anatomy, the joint is not swollen, and there is no mucus. Myocarditis is not serious. The big group is very good, but there is a slight intestinal syndrome and myocarditis. According to the intestinal poison syndrome, the gastroenteritis is treated. Will not play an effect, it will also delay the best treatment time. The farming time is long, understand, slight intestinal syndrome and muscle gastritis, will not cause the chicken without gain. Especially the chicken starting at 25 days, the feeding capacity rises rapidlyWaiting, no increase. This situation is that the joints of the chicken have pain, resulting in the amount of chicken, because this inflammatory response is not serious, will not cause the chicken group to fight, paralyzed. Not very hungry, it won’t take it. It has caused a phenomenon that the food is not growing, and the spirit of large groups is very good.

This is the experience we have summed up in the actual first line. Tell this experience, in order to let everyone have a better understanding of the current pathological trend of the slide, the disease, and one aspect is to let everyone understand a truth, do not have a simple symptom to diagnose, Be sure to judge, try to minimize misdiagnosis, delay the condition, causing the breeding of serious damage. Learn more please add WeChat: wangshuaiyi1234

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