Do you know how high your cat is high for your trust?

u=2183836331,876413152&fm=26&gp=0.jpg For those who earn cats, may always envy others’ cats, there are many more worse, but the cats in the family are always very ruthless, maybe you want to be hot, but In exchange, it is a ruthless one, maybe you can take it out, but it is nervous to climb to your head. So, is it not to understand your heart, or you don’t respect the cat! Today we will do a small test, see how high your cat is to your trust!

The more relaxed, the more assured

When contacting the cat, the more relieve it, the more assured you. The kitten truly open to you, will use snoring in your embrace, and it is completely relaxed, the body is soft, even can’t feel the strength of muscles. From a small life, the kitten around the owner, even if it turns a posture, as long as it feels the owner’s hands, there will be no uneasiness.

I believe that you comb your hair

combing hair, it is the performance of cats. If a kitten never hitting a hand is willing to comb your hair in a place not far away, it means that it has a little affirmation to your character, at least I think this person should not hurt it. This shows that cats have been established by a little trust in your trust.

Turning to the belly

When a cat is showing your biggest weakness – the abdomen, it is very big for you. Dependence, usually, domestic cats roll around the belly in front of the owner, it is to spoiled with the owner! Cat hopes to get more attention in this way.

Boubu is a barometer

The cat’s beard is a high-performance “radar”, which is generally believed that the cat uses the beard to judge whether the body can drill over Various gaps. This “radar” is also a barometer that reflects the mood. When the cat is bored, the beard is also hung, it is weak, but if a cat and you go to the front of the nose, pay attention: At this moment It doesn’t feel it for you, and it is full of vigilance. Don’t worry about it.

The four-eyed expedition is trusted

In nature, when two animals meet, the four eyes are absolutely a provocative behavior, and the best way to avoid fighting between the two sides is that they do not contact each other.

The kitten, who tried to you, will always pay attention to it, when their eyes are in contact with the owner, the cat will take the opportunity to express its needs. Don’t believe it? Try it every day. If a cat, you find that you pay attention to it, just call the attention, pretend to look at himself, just don’t communicate with you, there is no doubt that it doesn’t even have the most basic confidence in you. Want to get its trust? There is still a long way to go.

What kind of cat is more likely to trust people

Usually, the bloodline factors of purebred cats will give them a relatively excellent personality, but if you don’t get the owner The caress and communication, this congenital good foundation will gradually lose. Tight kittens in small and people, even if some are sensitive, afraid of people, usually can also build trust on people. To know, after the kitten is born, people have determined it to handle the relationship between it.

If the kitten has a cat mother who is not trusted to people, then this child will be skeptical about human beings. If the cat mother is poor, then it will let it learn away from humans. .

Compared to the dog, the cat is definitely a slow heat type animal. There are many ingredients in the cat’s personality, so I want to get the trust of the cat, and you may need more time and effort, and this trust is especially precious because it is not easy. If you have already established this mutual trust with your kitten, it is definitely worth cherishing.

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