Do you know how many colors of the wolf dog?

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The wolf dog is also a very common pet dog. Common wolf dogs have a variety of varieties such as Demu, Black Back, Wolveran, etc., and some body types are long. The dog who wants to wolf can also be called a wolf dog. The eyes of the wolf dog are sharp, of course, their eyes have several different kinds.

The eyes of the wolf dog are mostly brown or black, and if the color of the ink green, it is defective. The structure of the wolf dog’s eye is more special. The study also found that the dog can distinguish the gray of different colors and distinguish some colors, especially blue and purple.

When the light reaches the iris in the back of the Wolf Dog Eye, the iris is re-reflected by the iris to the retinal imaging, which is the reasons why the cat can also hunt at night. The light reflected from the iris reflected in the retina, which is why you see the dog’s eyes under the microese.

In essence, the eyes of the wolf dog don’t shine, there are many special crystal points at the bottom of the wolf dog, these crystal points have a strong ability to reflect light, which can put the peripheral weakly dispersed light. Collapse, polymeric bundles, concentrated, as if the eyes of wolf are glowing.

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