Do you know how to clean your eyes for your cat?

timg (2).jpg When the cat is used to make an eye cleaning, it is first prohibited to give the cat’s eye medicine, which may be inflamed by cat eyes. Let’s learn how to clean your eyes with your cat.

There will often be some secretions in the eyes. If you are ignorant, you will form “tears” around your eyes, sometimes it will change the color, so you should clean up. Use the cotton ball or gauze to slightly tap the eye, and soften the secretions after soften the cotton ball.

The eyes of the cat are very sensitive, can’t give it to use people’s ophthalmic water because there is eyelid. In addition, borate water may cause inflammation and pay attention to it. Some varieties, like Persian cats, due to tears, it is easy to stain around the eyes. But if you are also accompanied by fever, loss of appetite, loss of spiritual wilting, you must be sent to the hospital immediately. In addition, if you have too much eyelid, let your eyes are almost open, or send the hospital as soon as possible.

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