Do you know that cat mint?

timg (2).jpg Some people ask what cat mint is, what is the relationship with the cat? In fact, the cat is not eaten, not playing, it is a plant, is a kind of stem, a multi-branch, stem, white fluff , Perennial herbaceous plants with white spikes. What is the role of the cat mint?

After reviewing the information, it has a more detailed understanding of the cat mint. More cat mint is produced in Europe, Southwest Asia, Central Asia. This plant is usually planted in the fence, and there is a strong vitality in the roadside in the nurseries. This kind of cat mint is often used as a lavender, roses.

It is of course talked to cat mint. Cat mint plants can of course have a cool smell. The study found that 50% of cats were very interested in the taste of this plant. I encountered this plant cat, I like to catch the bite. In essence, cat mint is a plant that causes illusion, and there will be temporary behavioral changes, such as sneezing, chewing, rolling, etc.

So, it is said that although cat mint has a cat word in the name, it is not close to the relationship with the cat. Moreover, it is harmful to the body of cat mint to the cat. This also reminds parents, do not grow cat mint, otherwise the harm that causes parents don’t want to see.

In life, there are many uses in the mint. For example, it is a unique odor with a beetle function. Because cats like cat mint, you can use this taste to make cat toys, attract cat diet, and so on.

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