Do you know the meaning of cats on the tail pose?

The language is the most great “invention” in humans, and the language can express the inner idea, the cleaning of the delivery message. However, the language of this art is only human, and it will not be languages ​​like a pet cat. However, the cat transfer information also has its own unique way. For example, different tail postures represent different meaning, so that the kitten can pass different information.

Sometimes, the tail of the cat is slightly curved down, and its tail tip is bent up. When the cat tail is so state, it means that it is very comfortable now, it is very satisfied with the current leisurely loved life.

Sometimes, the tail of the cat will be slightly linked, and then the soft bending. When the cat tail is like this, it is a strong interest in a matter of things. It is curious to attract it, and it is conducting an exploration study.

Sometimes, the tail of the cat is still erected, and the tip tip has a slightly curved. At this time, it means that the cat is interested in you. It is very friendly to you, is willing to approach it, of course, the cat will have a little longer.

Sometimes, the tail of the cat will stand up, and the tip of the tail will move straight. At this time, I said that the cat is very willing to be close, and there is no reservation for you.

OK, the cat will disgregate the tail and clip the tail between the hind legs. When I saw the cat, I said it was very horrified, the cat was afraid. If the hair is combined at this time, it represents the fear and fear of the cat in the cat.

The information of the cat’s tail can be passed. If you want to think about it, you can clear the meaning of his tail posture, then parents still have to observe cats in their daily life, more to understand and observe it. In this way, you can have better reveal the meaning of cat miyami posture.

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