Do you know what is the longevity of the Rowna?

timg (10).jpg Rotwood is a large dog, strong body and strong movement, powerful, is one of the most courageous and powerful dogs in the world. Zeng Bowen is mainly used to help the owner guards the flock, with the development of pet careers, Rott Vendor is also one of the family’s breeding dogs, gains the favorite and appreciation of the owner. What is the brave and handsome appearance?

The Rarvene canine head length is medium, the head cover is wider, the nose is short and relatively thick, the forehead, two The amount is expanded, and there are wrinkles on the head. The distance between the two ears is relatively wide, the forehead profile is moderately arched, the cheekbones are clear, and the upper and lower jaws are very powerful. The entire face expression is noble, high confidence and vigilance. The position of the head of the Rotwood’s head ear, the ear is moderate, the ear is triangular and sagging, the eye size is medium, which is apricot, and the color is mostly bronze. The nose is very developed and must be black. The Rarvena dog adult male height is generally 63-69 cm, and the female Rarveina is high at 58-63 cm. The tail roots are relatively high, and the entire tail is horizontal. The Rowway dog’s body is full of four parties, the torso is strong and strong, the chest is wide, straight, and the waist is tilted. The body is short, the pen is straight, and the hair is caught, the hair is black. Its front limb is straight, the muscles are developed, while the hind limbs are angled. The whole footsteps are firm, the front is full of slender, and the meat is hard, the jaw is short and black, the foot tip is rushed, and the toenail has a mark on a black pencil.

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