Do you know what meat is good to eat? Raising guides can be dominated by dog ​​food, you can eat some meat and supplement nutrition when appropriate. So, do you know what meat is good to eat? Below we have made specific analysis.

For Tibetan gathering, the nutritional value of bovine and lamb is significantly higher than that of pork, while fat and cholesterol are much lower than pork. More, it is very helpful for hidden in patients with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, even if you eat more, you won’t get fat.

fish meat and chicken:

No matter what kind of meat, it is far from the fish nutrition value, delicious, very delicate, relative to the meat, poultry, fish more more to dog digestion, fish meat The unsaturated fatty acid contained in the medium is beneficial to activate the brain nerve cells of the Tree, which has a good effect on improving the dog’s command to the owner’s directive.

The chicken is actually nutrient, the fat content is low, the protein content is high, but don’t give hidden chicken head, chicken feet, chicken bones!

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