Do you know what the dog is a constellation?

src=http___n.sinaimg.cn_sinacn14_284_w575h509_20180513_7c4a-hamfahx5767016.png&refer=http___n.sinaimg.jpg As the master, you know what the dog is a constellation? What kind of personality features of different constelors? As the owner’s constellation is not your dog is Is the best match? Let Xiaobian analyzes the temper characteristics of different constellations for you.

Testile 1 Invincible Dog Best Interpretation Dalk: Hunting Fox

  • Features: Brave, active, enthusiasm, self-confidence, innocent, aerobics, naughty, so strong, reckless
  • Home style: He is a personality active outward, explosive force Strong, the “hot dog” that has a large amount of activity, who likes to play energy, often take the initiative to invite family to go crazy together.
  • Food:

  • He is driving, the food is not small, high-calorie food can keep them explosive. Emotional expression:
  • Although naughty, loyalty is high, enthusiastically active expression, especially surrender in the home.

  • Suggestions to the owner:
  • says that one is not two, adhere to the principle, from Xiaoli to teach, let the arbitrarily “obey”, otherwise it is easy to become an unmatched “beast”.

  • The master pairing: and the horn seat, the Leo, the heaven, the horses of the shooter.
  • Taurus one honest dog


  • Patient, firm, reliable, faithful, comfortable. Disadvantages: Stubborn, delicious, occupying you. Homestay:
  • they can eat, smile is always open, I will have a self-satisfaction, you can accompany the owner, you are full of happiness; Not big, most annoying mighty motion.

  • Food:
  • is full of interest, all of all you eat, you want to eat, appetizing the appetite, exceptionally, it is a food supervision rewarddog.

  • Emotional expression: exclusively with the owner, stick to home, and step by step, loyalty to the old days, exclude strangers.
  • Give the owner’s recommendation: The shortage of sports nerves, the appetite is super large, the owner helps to control, so as not to be inextricably bloated.
  • Master pairing: and Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Tianzhu, Capricorn master fate.
  • Best Interpretation Dog: Butterfly

Characteristics: Curious, lively, extrovert, intelligent, machinery, and strength. Disadvantages: Lack of patience, overtight, nervousness, emotional, restless home style: land is a happy, happy, interested, high, unusual, no matter how people, dogs, born Cooked, the most love is fun, can’t stand at home.


  • Frequently, you don’t lose, you will be picky, a small amount of meals, require a different content of the product, you must change the taste.
  • Emotional expression:

  • They are unsolved, but they are most afraid of lonely, and the opportunities to be the best people, do not add other little pets in their homes.
  • Give the owner’s recommendation: There is very high wisdom, strong plasticity, early training, can be combined with home life, people dogs and music. Master pairing: and Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.
  • Cancer
  • Best Interpretation Dog: Labrador Dog

Feature: more feelings, good feelings, care, warmth, loyalty. Disadvantages: too sensitive, attachment, taboo. Homestay: They are not naughty, and they have a deep identity for members of the family; the land is infectious, smelling the master emotions Microscopic changes, and can convince and care in time.


  • It belongs to a good food, but when he has a good mood, you can open the appetite. When you fall, you will lose you. Emotional expression: The exclusiveness is very strong, the enemy is distinct, and there is no more impurities between the men’s dogs, otherwise it is easy to avoid the emotions. Give the owner’s recommendations: Emotional sensitivity of care, and give 100% respect and security.
  • Master equipped:

  • and Taurus, Cancer, Tianshun, Capricorn, Pisces’ master’s fate.
  • Leo, a prostitute

  • Best interpretation dog: big white bear dog
  • Characteristics: Warm, confident, self-esteem, butterflow. Disadvantages: arrogance, stubborn, self-contained.


They are born with a fanatics, some people come crazy, the more you are more and more energetic, and the places like to play Bao funny to make yourself a focus of your family. Food: When they stay excited, they are often hungry, and they must eat more, and the hunger’s humor is falling, and the temper has changed. Never happen to hang.

Emotional expression:

    The plastic heat is eager, the heat is four shots, often in the horn, self-esteem, can not easily bow.

  • Give the owner’s recommendations:
  • High stability is high, if you give good training prior to stereotype, you can cultivate good habits. If you can’t immediately guide it, it will be difficult to change.

  • The owner pair: and the peony seats, lentic, the owner of the aquarius specially.
  • Virgo a sensitive dog
  • Best interpretation dog: Bomei dog
  • Beautiful sleepy fur is a dog One of the healthy embodiments will also make it a more drawn with you.
  • Features:

  • Self-discipline, clean, calm, gentle, strong identification force. Disadvantages: anxiety, nervousness, picky, and uneasiness. Homestay:
  • GeometryIt is also 乖 i, strong learning ability, and gives birth to the third; willing to accept the norms and requirements of the owner, from no naughty disaster, quite the master.

Physical sensitive gastrointestinal gastrointestinal, three days, two, must eat the correctness of the stomach emotional expression:

and the owner The feelings are rational, and the terrain is stable and stable, and the dog is stable but most.

To the owner’s recommendation:

    The mantasma must be in order and neat environment, which is low for noise and tension. Master pairing: Heart, Capricorn, Pisces, House, Capricorn, Pisces.

  • Libra, a communication dog
  • Best interpretation dog: coca deltern
  • Features: Pingyi people, easy to communicate, friendliness, lively, harmonious, and outward. Disadvantages: emotional sensitivity, indulgence, lazy, not lonely.
  • Homestay: They are lazy, elegant temperament, quite soft exterior, friendly, citing a big and small pets. I like to go out with the owner, and I will meet, and I have not seen it for other animals.
  • Food:

  • Find the snacks of the owner, especially sweets, is also the type of easy middle-aged blessing, the owner often helps him die. Emotional expression:
  • They like to be with others, easy to get along, do not exclude strangers, can shoulder the public relations role, and will help the owner to receive guests.

Give the owner: Although their vitality is not large, you still have to do gentle activities, such as walking, don’t often hold him in your arms. The master pairing: and the Shuangzi, Libra, the aquarius, the master of the Pisces. Tianchi, a watchdog

  • Best Deduch Dog: Douboyan
  • Characteristics: Toughness, firm, have insight, calm, affection, alarm.Disadvantages: possession, suspicious, taboo, loneliness.
  • Home Style: They are quiet and not moving, very small, keep the alert, defending the home is absolutely due to the duty, there is no warning, almost unrest, for invasion The defenders are extremely strong and completely obey the highest command.
  • They have the tendency of their eclipse, like the taste is not tired, don’t like it, don’t get a little, the defense is very defense, the leisure and hater, etc. Do not close.
  • Emotional expression:

  • He is very affectionate to the owner, loyalty is a kind of persistence that is in trouble, life and death.
  • Give the owner: He is lacking in the sense of security, pursues a single and specialty, and destroying the principle will produce more untrustful feelings. The master pairing: He is high in the bullock, the giant crab seat, the martial arts, the midfish seat.
  • Sagittarius

Best Interpretation: Big Magare Character: Chic, cool, energetic, rushing, pursue, risk. Disadvantages: Treatment, impulse, not tamed, naughty, uncertain, playing.

  • Homestay: They have a lot of power, it is difficult to take quiet, curiosity is very strong and very thick, always in a hurry, often hurt. It takes a little free and big moving space.
  • Food: The food and vitality of things are proportional, eating always wolf swallowed, like to change the taste, cat food, bird food is also interested – 噌.
  • Emotional expression: They like outdoor activities, very playable, and they will be willing to go home, and they will show up and have a bitter gourd. .
  • Give the owner’s recommendation: Their wisdom is high, and the development of good training and discipline should be accommodated. The master pairing: and the hovel seat, the sonot, Leo, and the horses.
  • Capricorn, a heavy dog ​​

Best Deduch Dog: German Wolf Features:

Shen, stable, cautious, responsible, self-discipline. Disadvantages: serious, melancholy, cautious.

  • Homestay: They are stable, high-quality dogs, the exterior is usually not very eye, the self-discipline is very high, the obeys are excellent, the mid-rules are easy to train Never produce non-rendering, it is very assured.
  • Food:

  • Their regularity makes them also in the requirements of food, even if it is constant, it is possible to collect, and there is not much happy.
  • Emotional expression:

  • They felt emotions, obedience, did not take the initiative, rarely saw passion, jumped side, but the family had to take the initiative to break the silence.
  • Give the owner’s recommendation:

  • They are perseveired, serious, and is extremely low for tumed endurance, I hope to get their respect. Master pairing: He is high in the bullock, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces.
  • Aquarius, a smart dog

  • Best interpretation dog: Husky

Characteristics : Friendly, independence, wisdom, rationality, fraternity. Disadvantages: persistence, not tammed, wording, weird. Homestay: They are very smart, flowers, always think about some wonderful methods to solve those who cannot be flat, wisdom chase 2 to 3 years old human children. . When you are friendly, you can communicate with the foreign animals. When you think about it, you will not take someone else.


  • I will share their food with other dogs. There is a good appetite when there is an animal visitors. It is particularly good for food. It is worse than spiritual life and friendship. Emotional expression:
  • Do not like too much brilliant communication, they are very independence, too much attention is turned into one

  • give The owner’s proposal:
  • they are outwarder, I like to develop the door to the door, the family education and etiquette is very important! Master pair: and Gemini, Leo, Libra, AquariusThe master is high.

  • Pisces a spline

Characteristics: Intuitive, resonance, understanding, sacrifice, and feel. Disadvantages: Dependence, confusion, lazy, sensitive, frustrating.


  • They are very imagined, do not find a mode, one day an idea, sometimes a dog with imaginary players can also be crazy for a long time, the same toys don’t like Too many times, be good at the colored look, fully understand the heart of the owner. Food:
  • Eat things lack of festival, breaking the belly, and loves snacks. Today, the food that loves to eat will feel that it is not a taste.

  • Emotional expression:
  • Relying on heart, I like to stick to the owner, I will have a chance to drill the arms, helpless appearance is pity. Give the owner’s recommendation: they need more security, which is very strong for the owner, requires more protection and affirmation. Master pairing: and Cancer, Virgo, Tianshut, Pisces.

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