Do you know why cats like being touched? Many cats like to spoose to the owner, constantly seek touch, then why? It turned out to be a touch of human warming and stroke, and it was very similar to the child who was used by cat mother with a tongue. Therefore, there are many cats that will seek human feeders as mothers, even after adults.

According to the animal behavior, Desmond Morris explained in the book of “Cat”, and for the children, the cat mother is playing, cleaning and The role of the protector, during the childhood, the mother cat will continue to wipe the body and hair of the child. After the cat grows up, even if the physical function of sex and all aspects is mature, human feeders often continue to touch them, so the cat can say that they have never been completely greater, and the feeding is still maintaining the parenting heart.

Since the cat is stroked by human being, it is like being used by a cat mother with his tongue, and the touch is very similar, so there are many cats like being touched, and even use the limbs, and urge people. I am craving your hand to touch and comb, it is to continue to seek mother love to the owner, I hope you will gently love it.

When the cat is stroked, the body will argger, the tail is hard, this is the typical action that will appear when the young cat requests the mother to check the anus. So if you see your beloved cat, you represent it as a trusted mother; but if it is already a cat, you can’t say that you can touch its anus!

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