Do you need to clean up your dog’s foot?

timg (4).jpg Parents like the drifting of dogs, taking the beauty, and the parents have to pay attention to the hair of the dog’s foot? It is easy to adsorb the hair at the foot. Dust and dirty things, or a lot of water in the place of moist water, make breeding conditions for bacteria, causing skin diseases. Therefore, parents can do their long footprints when they don’t have a dog to do their beauty, and they can keep their dogs long enough to keep their feet neat.

The gap between the dog’s foot meat ball will grow a lot of hair. If the length of this part is too long, it will cover the meatball, so that the dog cannot be expanded from the way, and it is easy to slip in the smooth ground.

The feet under the feet are very fast, so every time it trim, try to trim to the shortest, but pay attention not to the skin, and then fix the foot before the trim. After walking, you should check if there is a stone or garbage into the meat ball in the foot. In addition, the meat ball itself has a lot of hair, don’t forget to trim.

The long hair of the meat ball was covered with a small scissors. When cutting, use your finger to open the meat ball to the left, confirm the position of the hair, and then cut the long hair with the scissors on the edge of the meatball to avoid hurt the toes.

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