Do you understand the dog’s sleep habit?

timg (9).jpg Dog sleep habits, tapping, relying on things, the whole volume or the whole body is turning over, the dog’s sleeping habits are actually a kind of instinner? Let everyone interpret the dog. Reasons for sleep habits.

Many dogs like to sleep under the table

: This is because our room is too high for many dogs, and the above space is too large. People have insecure. Imagine, for our human beings, staying in a roof is that we are a good room, and it will definitely feel unsafe. For dogs, the height of the desktop is just suitable for its safety standard, sleeping under the table, it will feel more practical.

Dogs like to sleep with the top:

There is no long eyes in the back of the dog. For those who can not see, people will make people feel fear, or why Two people play together usually back to back, back, whether they are still weak to the dog, whether they are for people. The dog is used back to the wall or something, then sleeps outside, or make the first reaction when dangerous.

Dogs like buttocks to sleep against people:

If you occasionally or often lying on the same bed with dogs, you will find that dogs will like to use butt to you, The face is improving, and the dog saying the dog likes to sleep on the top. It is a truth. In the dog’s habits, the owner is safe, but it is quite trustworthy to you, think you can’t hurt it if you can’t see it, so even the dog The dog put a stuffy to your face, you should also think this is the stinky blow to you, haha!

Dogs like to sleep in the foot of the person:

Some dogs are very sticky. Where is people walking? If you are waiting, if you sit at the table, or when watching TV, it will also be in your surroundings, idle boring. Just sleeping in your feet, I think most people will have this experience. For pigging points of pug, the dog should summarize:

When the dog just arrived at the new home, choose the right place to place the dog’s bed. If you have prepared a new dogSleeping bed, then you can put the bed in the corner of the room, quiet place, or bedside, if the bed is better, the dog will be more likely to accept such a sleeping environment.

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