Does the dog drink mineral water?

u=3463072902,1620836082&fm=26&gp=0.jpg It is best to drink less mineral water. For dogs, water is an important part of its nutritional composition. Dogs can cause digestive stagnation, loss of appetite, anti-disease ability, etc., when the water is defective, it may cause dog death. Therefore, the dog should be at least 100 ml per kilogram of water per day per day.

No matter how busy, add a sufficient amount of water to the dog basin, and ensure that the dog can drink at any time. It is worth reminding that it is best not to give them a mineral water, ” In addition, it is also good to give the dog properly.

Supplementary vitamins: Feed an animal liver and radish monthly. Vitamins are essential to the dog, promoting growth, helping digestion, resisting disease, maintaining puppy skin health, hair smoothness. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to whether the dog has had a lack of signs of vitamins.

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