Does the dog have normal eyelids?

timg (3).jpg Under normal circumstances, there is no attention to the dog. Brown, sometimes in the corner of the corner, it is easy to clean. But when you have the following questions!

Dogs produce a large number of brown eyelids

Dog eyes have problems, dogs will be special And the color is very turbid, not only concentrated in the corner, there will be around the eyes. There are many reasons for dog eyes, it is possible to be because of the reasons for diet, such as eating too much internal organs like people, and it is also possible because of irritation caused by stimulus, of course, it is more serious because of more serious Diseases, these health problems will be reflected in eyelids, so dogs are not ignored.

If the dog suddenly occurs, you need to pay attention, see if the dog’s eyes are crying, look The eyes are not special red, thinking about it because of what causes. You can try it to give it a little bit of chlorobacokocarin eye water water, which generally causes inflammation caused by small stimuli. Usually one day, dog eye, cry, eyes red, will be quickly improved, if you have not had a sign of it all over or two, then you will need to take a dog to see a doctor.

Changfeng-colored dog cleared eyelid

There are also this situation, dog is a lot of eyelids, all the same, there is nothing wrong, then Timely cleaning the dog’s eye is more important, especially for pastel longhouses. Long-haired dogs are much more likely to have hair into the eyes because of much hair. Although, you will find that the sensitiveity of the dog’s eyes is farther than people, sometimes I saw that it is rooted in my eyes, and it will not be uncomfortable.

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