Does the dog need to be referenced from the perspective of Feng Shui?

src=http___n.sinaimg.cn_sinacn19_358_w640h518_20180402_570b-fysuuxz7537998.jpg&refer=http___n.sinaimg.jpg In recent years, the pets have been popular, and there are many people who are afraid of dogs. There are still some people who have been sick. Whether it is a strong dog, it will be more thin and weak. In contrast, some people are very healthy, in addition to the way to raise dogs, is it possible from Feng Shui What is the angle?

In the eighth words, a life in winter, or the eight-character cold, it is necessary to give warmth. The eight characters on behalf of the stimulation is two animals, one is the sheep, one is a dog. In other words, food lamb and raising dogs can make a person get warm, making a good luck in winter. Anyone who was born in November 8 to February 18th is a person suitable for the dog, and the dog can bring warmth.

Born in May to August, or born in October 8 to November 7th, it is alive in [, noon, no] and [] four months, eight characters Cooked, in general, this eight-character person is not suitable for dogs, and it is not suitable for dogs, these people can’t be friends with dogs. There is another kind of life, it is born in the month of the dragon, it is born on April 5 to May 5, due to the birth of the dragon, there is an eight-character [A], [EGG], [丙], [壬], [癸] one of five combinations, and produces a good sync, in general, this kind of person can’t raise the dog, because the dog will destroy the biocity of the dragon, every eight words [] Is needed to be harmonious, and a dog is broken.

The dog belongs to the word “” in the twelve land, and the land branch is “寅” and “noon”, and there are still “”. “” Is in the direction in the direction, namely the northwest. “” Is in the direction, that is, the northeast. “Noon” is from the orientation, ie it is a south. “” Is in the orientation in the east, that is, the east. The above four orientation is intended with a dog. If a residential door is on these four orientations, the dogs that are raised will be more strong.

In the twelve land, “Chen” is rushing to the dog. The orientation of “Chen” is in the southeast. If a residential house opens the southeast door, this door is twice, and the dog raised will only be more sick. There is another “ugly” position, ugly and dog. The orientation of “ugly” is in the northeast. If the door is opened in the north, it is not suitable for raising the dog because the dog is easy to contaminate the disease. If the door of the residential is not the four orientation of the dog, you must raise the dog.Place four Ji others that are favorable to dogs. Such as the northwest of the indoor, the northeast, the south, and the east.

In addition, the dog’s nest is not suitable for metal, because the dog is in the twelve land, the five elements are the soil, the metal, the golden will vent, if the puppy lives too much metal Products, puppies here to rest healthy.

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