Does the Dog Takaro be smart?

timg (5).jpg Damari-cho dog is recognized as one of the elegant dog breeds, because there is white and clear black spots, so there is a spotted dog. Barleyo dog has a very long history of development, and is also one of the pet dogs that many people like. So, do you have a high IQ? Is it good to train? Is it smart?

Strictly speaking, the spot dog is a very smart, crack, lively, unrestrained pet dog. The body is not small, the whole body has no long hair, the whole body is very strong, and it is clean and neat. The muscles on the body are developed, strong, like running, and is also good at run. Training will be a very good partner dog.

Spotted dog’s IQ and obedience line 39. IQ is medium. After repeating 15 instructions, it will express the reactions that do not understand, and there is a lot of extra exercises, especially in the primary stage. . They respond to the first instructions is 90%, and the performance of performance depends on the plurality of exercises. Overall, performance is as good as the previous dog, but the action is not so smooth, and the reaction time is slightly slow, if the owner stood a little, they may not respond to the owner’s directive, if the trainer is lacking Experience, or too severe or patient, the performance of the dog will be poor. Therefore, parents need more patience when they train dogs.

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