Does the dog’s nails need to be cut regularly?

timg (5).jpg The dog’s nails grow very quickly, the longer the blood line, the longer, the parents must be tied to the dog with the dog. Generally, there are often dogs in outdoor walk or run, since it is often moving on a rough ground, automatic grinding toe claws. But some small dogs in the apartment, such as mini DOPI, Beijing dog, Xi Shi, Yorkshire, etc., due to lack of hind, toenails will be very fast. The long toenails are both sharp, and will be bent into the flesh of the foot, causing the dog’s pain and uncomfortable.

In addition, if the dog’s toenails are too sharp, when the family is intimate, they often strike the stockings, skirts, trousers, handbags, and even carpets, wooden furniture, etc. Also, the dog’s thumbnail has been degraded, but there is a flying toe in the inside of the foot, commonly known as “wolf claws”. For degraded “wolf claws”, you can ask veterinarians to do simple surgical removal within 2-3 weeks after young dogs, can be exempted from posts.

For dogs to trim toenails, you can use a special dog cat with a special dog cat selling. Most dogs don’t like shearing toenails, so they are best to train their habits when they are in dogs. You can play the puppy in your arms, before you cut toen armor, let it play with it, happen, make your hands, and you will make your puppy. Then in a mild tone, use the other hand to close its feet, the other hand, the hair is accurate, quickly cut the toenail. It is best to operate after taking a bath, because the toenail is soaked, it is easy to cut. The dog’s toe base has vascular nerves. When the trim, too much too much deep, only the transparent part of the near tip, generally only about 1/3 of the claw, will cause bleeding, and caused dogs Inspiration, I don’t want to cut intoenails in the future. After the toenail, the edge portion is preferably flattened with a dedicated file.

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