Does the IQ of the border shepherd?

timg (6).jpg The border Shepherd IQ is very high, just like children aged 6-8, it ranks first in the dog IQ. The border shepherd dog is medium, but the body is well known, the body muscles are compact, with smooth contours. They are full of enthusiasm, and they are passionate about work. Their movements have nothing to do with endurance, which also makes the border shepherd becomes the first shepherd in the world.

In the process of training, the border shepherd is very strong, and the simple training movements are most training 3 times, it can be well mastered. In addition, they also actively learn the motives of the owner, such as open the door, open drawers, etc. In addition to training, the border shepherd has a lot of little smart, for example, after committing a mistake, they will find ways to cover up, trying not to let the owners discover, avoid the owner’s scoldness and punishment, so the border shepherd is a very smart pet dog .

Of course, although the border shepherd dog is in the dog rankings, there is also a difference in their individual. They grow up in personality and habits are also unparalleled with the owner’s day. The border is originally produced in the Scottish border, which is a very long-lasting dog variety. This kind of dog is high, and there is a strong shepherd instinct, and they have become bright and bright, more understanding of the opinion and color, can correctly understand the owner’s instructions, they are good at work, they can work, they can shepherd. Border Shepherd also is deeply loved and appreciated by the dogs due to ultra-high IQ, super learning ability, understanding, easy training and contact.

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