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Can urea can feed sheep? any scientific evidence? First, the home of the sheep home (micro signal: yangyang123club) is accurately telling you that after scientific research, urea can feed the sheep, because after urea, the microorganisms in the lactar stomach can use urea to synthesize their growth. 10 An essential amino acid, thus determining the urea and urea compounds become a feed additive of ruminants.

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Urea Feeding Sheep

Strict control Dosage
Adult Sheep can supplement 10 ~ 15 grams of urea every day It is too much to cause poisoning.
Second, the first time to use
The first feeding of urea should be fed according to the amount of urine volume, gradually increase, let the tumor stomach microbial adapt to 10 days before they can feed the full amount .
Third, the daily feeding
The daily dosage cannot be fed once, it is necessary to feed 2 to 3 times. First dissolve the quantities into the water, then spray it on the dry material or mix into the fine material.

Four Don’t dissolve urea into the water to make the sheep, which will cause urea poisoning.

5. Combined with sugar feed
Urea must be blended with a certain sugar feed, there is an ideal effect, which can be used in conjunction with the use of more materials containing more carbohydrate, such as honey, corn, Square powder, etc.

Sixth, adding protein feed
Urea cannot replace all protein feeds, while feeding urea, supplementary feed containing more protein containing a bean cake, scorpion or alfalfa. It should be noted that the bean cake contains urease, accelerates urea to decompose, so you don’t mix the bean cake with urea to feed. If the crude protein content in the diet is higher than 12%, you don’t have to add urea.
Seven, supplemental mineral elements
The amount of sulfur, phosphorus can improve the utilization rate of urea in the diet. Phosphorus can be supplied from bone powder, and the fluuloster can be used for potassium sulfate or sodium sulfate.
Eight, control feeding timing
For the sick sheep and physical thin sheep, it is not advisable to feed urea; when she is hungry, do not immediately feed urea.

Nine, must be used to use
Tumor stomas microbiology has an adaptation process for urea, continuous use to have an ideal effect, if it is interrupted, it still needs to be slowly adapted.
Ten, prevent urea poisoning
Once urea poisoning occurs, it should be rapidly injected with 10% to 25% of the glucose solution, with 100 to 200 ml each time. Give a poisoned sheep in a vinegar, and there is also a good first aid effect.

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