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Anemia refers to the number of blood cells in the blood of unit volume, hemoglobin content and red blood cell compressive capacity (accomplishment) below the normal value. The clinical manifestations are characterized by the characteristics of mucosa-self, heart rate and breathing, and systematic weakness.

Acute hemorrhagic anemia, due to trauma or surgery caused by visceral organs (such as liver, spleen, volatile and cavity venom) and vascular rupture caused by large bleeding, the blood solubility of the body is suddenly lowered.
Chronic hemorrhagic, mainly due to chronic stomach, intestinal inflammation, pulmonary, kidney, bladder, uterine bleeding inflammation, causing long-term repeated bleeding. In addition, dog hook infections can also cause chronic hemorrhagic anemia.
Common symptoms: visual mucosa, pale skin, speed up, and muscle weakness. The symptoms are proportional depending on the amount of bleeding. The amount of bleeding can express the virtual off, uneasy, blood pressure drop, cold limbs and ear nesose, the gait is unstable, the muscle tremor, the late stage can be seen with lethargy, shock state.
Dogs with less bleeding and chronic bleeding, the initial symptoms are not obvious. However, the dog can be seen gradually, and the visual mucosa gradually develops from light red to the white, the spirit is weak, the whole body is weak, lethargy, no love, the pulse is fast, breathing is superficial. It can often be seen that the mandibular, slightly edema at the end of the limbs. Heavy people can cause shock and heart failure.
According to clinical symptoms, the number of red blood cells, the blood ratio is diagnosed.
hemostasis, recovering blood solubility.
1 traumatic bleeding, can be bleeding, oppressed hemostasis, stop bleeding belt stop bleeding. For the end bleeding owner of the limbs, it can be treated to the beast hospital immediately after hemostasis hemostasis.
2 injection hemostatic drugs: hemostasis 25 mg / kg body weight; vitamin K30.4 mg / kg body weight; vitamin K11 mg / kg body weight; prothite 1.5 mg / kg body weight.
3 replenish blood-soluble, venous 注 旋 糖, glucose, compound brine, amino acid formulation. Conditional veterinary hospital should conduct blood transfusion therapy rating

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