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Byming Precautions To pay attention to choose the most suitable mating age of dogs. General male breeding time is good after 1 year old, the most suitable mating age of the female dog should pay attention to the following factors: 1 to the happiness dog to see, prevent the non-selected male dogs, and affect the quality of the descendants The male dog does not allow it to find a hassorous dog, otherwise it is easy to infect disease, or bitten by other male dogs due to the spouse. 2 Both breeding should be quiet, clean, in addition to dog owners, do not let other idlers onlookers, and declare. 3 Do not drink water and conduct intense exercise after breeding, let the male female dog return to the dog to rest. 4 male dogs do not mate frequently, so as not to affect health, shorten the age of use. Zhuang Jian male dog mate once every day, take a break at 3-4 days, occasionally mating twice in one day, should be separated by more than 6 hours, the next day must rest. The growth rate of the young man and the aging male dogs is reduced. When the number of breeding is not increased, nutrients should be strengthened. The male dog is more than 12 years old, and it is generally not allowed to breed. 5 The female dog can reproduce the two bones each year, but the fertility is high, and the physique of the mother dog and the pigs has an impact. According to the age and health of the bitch, you can have a two-year reproduction of three tires or a year. More than 9-year-old puppies are generally not appropriate to reproduce. 6 Every time the female dog begins, the number of sustainable days of each estrus stage and the mating date are carefully recorded, and the reference will be made. TripAdvisor number 1


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