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Dog common disease treatment
I. Prevention and treatment of diarrhea
Pharmacuarog dose of dog dose injection Puppy dose of dose
oxytetracycline 1 3-4 grain Ankebibin 1 2
Fluft 1 capsule 2-3 granular thiimi pine 1 1
food mother and life 1-2 capsule 4-6 caps large 1 2-3
Remarks Please take it immediately after it Two times a day, even the three-day chloramphenicol 1 2
Semi-support 1-2
Second, cold
Pharmaco dose of the dose of the child Dose dose of dog dose
cold glue 1 capsule 2-3 基比林 (Bupleurum) 1 3-4
An Naijin half-capsule 2 grain thiimi pine 1 1
Remarks of “558 antipyretic anti-inflammatory” also can Intanomycin 1 2
VC 1/2 1
Three, enteritis treatment: oral celebration or celebrate sodium nodromycin, or oral Half, half injection
Four, puppies please go back to the seven-day deworm (not used when diarrhea)
Five ] Sixth, when the drug water in the inhale needle tube is turbid or precipitated, do not use it.
Seven, when the dog arrives, don’t feed too much, you can drink a little brine.
1. rabies (also known as airy and water): This is a contact infectious disease, and its condition is excited to inhibit disrupt, and the whole body is paralyzed, and finally death. Treatment: thoroughly disinfect the wound, extruded the blood at the wound, then rinse with soapy water or raised by mercury, and treat it with immune serum.
2. Escherichia coli disease: It is a infectious disease that is mainly symptomatic symptoms caused by E. coli. Prevention and treatment: 50-100 ml of sugar salts, intravenous injection, 3-4 times a day. Apyrimidine 11 mg / kg body weight, 1-2 times a day, oral, even served for 5-7 days. Strengthen feeding management, pay attention to environmental hygiene, prevent and control the disease.
3. Dog insect disease: It is due to dog insects parasitic in small intestines and stomach, causing dog’s digestive disorders, and a nematode disease. Treatment: 10-20 mg / kg of left-handedimidazoleHeavy, even served twice. Piperazine 150 mg / kg body weight, coated 2 times.
4. Callus disease: It is parasitic disease that infringes in the puppy. The disease can be severely popular when the environmental sanitary conditions are not good and the crowd is compared. Treatment: The first dose of sulfonamine is 0.14-0.2 g / kg body weight, oral or intravenous injection, followed by 0.11 g / kg body weight every 12 hours.
5. Dog: is a kind of drug response of dogs Treatment: 0.5% Veades in aqueous solution of aqueous solution or medicated bath.
6. 疥 病 病 is a contact infectious skin caused by 疥. Treatment: First hail, remove the squirrel water, then apply medicine. 5 grams of the enemy, to Suer 1 ml, add 100 ml of water, mix the affected part, and apply the second time in 5-7 days.
7 Dysentery: Due to the prevacca of Salmonella, Intestinal Salmonella, Streptococci, Amiba these pathogens. Treatment: 10-15 mg / kg body weight with chloramphenicol, once a day, gentamicin 4- 80,000 units of subcutaneous injection, once a day. Rating
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