Dog dogs eat dry food or good moist food?

timg (3).jpg Has always asked the dog to eat dry food or wet food. Today, Xiaobian collected the information hopes to help you have confused dog friends.

What is dry food and moist food

Dog dry food is the dog food we usually bought, a large bag of a large bag, granulated, containing moisture Little. Dog wet food is a dog food, a puppy, and a wonderful fresh bag. There are also friends saying that the dog’s wet food is actually not limited to these, and there is a real wet grain instead of such a snack food, but there are very few sold in China, because this kind of food is too expensive, in China No market. This possibility is not excluded, but it is very limited that the wet grains found in the domestic pet market is very limited.

The normal dog is recommended to eat dog dry food

Because the dog dry food is small, the particles are hard, the dog can grind the surface of the dog when eating Reduce the tooth formation, less tertudes, the dog’s gums will be more healthier, the gums are healthy teeth, and the teeth are healthy dogs can eat well. And the dog eats dog dry food, and the relative pulling is more dry. It is better to clean up, and it is not easy to get it on the hair around the dog, and save us a lot of trouble. If you can always insist on eating dog food, you can reduce the bad hacks of dog pickup. However, most parents can’t do it, at least I always feel that if you let the dog only eat those dry baba, the dog is too pitiful.

What happens to eat wet food

Dog wet food usually smells very fragrant, can cause the dog’s appetite, so for sick dogs Dog In order to let it eat, we can give it wet food. Moreover, dog wet food is also more digestive, and it is also suitable for sick dogs. But pay attention to the dog wet food containing too much oil is not suitable for sick dogs, because the oil is too much easier to cause dogs, but the sick dog is in a snow, you can choose chicken or Fish This low-fat canned or wonderful fresh bag. In addition, for dogs who don’t like to drink water, you can also add the amount of dog wet grains to it, let it get more water from the food. Dedicated dog, chewing without dog dryGrain, you can consider adding the dog’s dry grain and bubble and add a small amount of dog can head to increase the fragrance, try not to completely give it a wet grain.

  1. It is easy to cause a pick-up of dogs:
  2. Usually the dog is after eating moisture, for dry There is no taste of the smell of the smell of the taste of Bah, no longer like the dog’s root dull food before the wolf. Over time, it is getting more and more taking, so there are many parents who have to mix all kinds of delicious food in dry food, and attract dogs to eat some dogs.

  3. Wet food is likely to have a quality of raw materials:
  4. We all know that jam is made of the least fruitful fruit in the same kind of fruit, and it is also a little bit of sauce. Can’t distinguish their original quality. Dog wet food is also the same. We can’t guarantee the quality of things inside, and dog wet food is also added more preservatives than dog dry food. These factors make the quality of dog wet grains unaffected. You buy big brands of dog wrought foods may be relatively good, but the price is not.

  5. Nutritional problems:
  6. Dogs are animals that are easy to get fat, especially some kind of dogs can easily grow into a small fat man. Dog wet food is more protein and fat in dog dry food, which causes a dog obesity. For dogs with kidney disease and old dogs, more nutrients can easily trigger some diseases. So these dogs should eat dog food, and also have a relatively low protein and fat content.

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