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Dog medication Daquan
The order is: drug name, indication, usage
Oral or intravenous recipe new Nonoming: pharyngitis, pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, dysentery, uterine inflammation, etc. 30mg / kg, 1 time / day 15mg / kg, 2 times / day, oral or intramuscular injection (SMZ): pneumonia, hemorrhagic sepsis, intestinal stenosis, endometritis, coccidia, 50mg / kg furanone: intestinal infection, Callus disease, Jia Broodle disease, etc. 4-6mg / kg, 2 times / day, oral, use 3-5 river dietary, urinary tract disinfection, urinary tract infection, pyelitis, bladder, urethritis, uterine inflammation And vaginitis 4mg / kg, 3 times / oral 青 ocycin G sodium: Various respiratory infections, uterine inflammation, various sepsis, bacteremia, etc., 2-40,000 units / kg, 2 times / Japanese muscle Note or intravenous ammonia p penstin: a wide range of antibacterial ranges, with strong antibacterial effect on Gram-positive bacteria and negative bacteria, indicate of oxamycin G sodium 5–10mg / kg, 2 times / day muscle injection or Quietly Benzena penicillin: Long-acting antibacterial 40,000 / kg, 1 time / 5 days, myocycin: tuberculosis, Bacillus disease, respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, Bacillus, Breastitis, Enditis , Sepsis, Escherichia coli, 2 / day, intramuscular injection; 1g / time, 3 times / day, oral sulfate, gentamicin: a variety of pseus bacteria infections, sepsis, pneumonia, mete Inflammation, enteritis and urinary tract infection 42 ng / kg, intramuscular injection or subcutaneous injection, 2 times / day; 2-4mg / kg, oral, 3 times / Japanese pamycin: same streptomycin for Staphylococcus infection, digestion Digital infection, respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, sepsis, etc. Effective, mainly used in dysentery, meningitis and other infections 10-35mg / kg, 2 times / day, intramuscular injection mold matrix: gastrointestinal infection, urinary tract infection, respiratory infection and skin infection, 20-35mg / kg, 3 times / oral suit, 6mg / kg, myoblioprochemical: same gentamicin 20mg / kg, 3 times / day, oral 7mg / kg, 2 times / day, intramuscular injection, intramycin: with penicillin, master For drug resistance Staphylococcus aureus, andInflammation, uterine inflammation 112mg / kg, 2 times / day, oral 10mg / kg, 2 times / day, myochromycin B: digestive tract infection, respiratory infection and other antibiotic treatment invalid Staphylococcus infection 20mg / kg, 3 Times / Day, Oral Linmymycin: Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Pneumococcus, anaerobic bacteria, etc. 15mg / kg, 3 times / day, oral 10mg / kg, 2 times / day, myoaminiothiithidine: each Bacterial infection and sepsis 10mg / kg, 2-3 times / day, myocardial injection molds: gastrointestinal tract and local skin mucosa fungal disease 500,000 units / day, divided into 2-3 oral amphotericin B : Anti-depth in fungi, used in fungal pneumonia, encephalitis, gastroenteritis O.25 – O.5mg / kg, 3 times / week, intramothermal sputum: fungi skin disease, 20mg / kg / kg , 21-3 weeks, 2 times / day nitrozoles: Amiba disease, intestinal drop inchcticia, Jaizi disease, anaerobic bacteria infection, uterine inflammation, etc. 25-5mg / kg, 2-3 times / Day, oral, even 3-5 days from Chenpi: Aromatic stomach medicine, used for indigestion, digestive, loss of appetite, etc., oral dilute hydrochloric acid: gastric acid lack caused by indigestion, stomach Internal fermentation, loss of appetite, etc., oral gastrointestinase: 犬 过 过 and gastric protease lack of indigestion 0.1–0.2g / time, oral, 3 times / day, food prematurity Indegrantation, loss of loss of appetite, liver, and pancreatic diseases, oral administration. 3 times / day, pre-eating milk enzymatic: indigestion, intestinal bath, peony diarrhea, constipation, enteritis 1-2g / time, oral, 3 times / day, not suitable for antibacterial drugs, adsorbent Suit Dry yeast: digestion Poor, vitamin B lack of disease, diarrhea, intestinal flaming, etc. 0.5–4g / time, oral, 3 times / day atrine: acute abdominal pain, acute microcirculation disorder, organic phosphorus poisoning, 11mg / kg, subcutaneous muscle injection An: Zhen Zhen, stomach is full, regulate gastrointestinal exercise, gastrocal acid is 10–20mg / time, myobic injection, 5-10 mg / time, 2-3 times / day, oral hydrochloric acid Apu morphine: Demuncture 4mg / kg , Oral 0.08mg / kg, skin injection liquid paraffin: constipation, 15-40 ml of lubrication. Oral carbonate: stomachEnteritis, dysentery, convergence, diarrhea, protect mucous membrane 3-2. OG / time, oral tannic acid protein: gastroenteritis, dysentery, convergence O. 5–2.08 / time, oral jade carbon: enteritis, gastrointestinal abnormal fermentation, poisoning 0.3-28 / time, oral magnesium oxide: constipation 10–15ml / time, oral ammonium chloride: bronchitis , Bronchitis, phlegm 100mg / kg, 2 times / day, oral iodide: chronic bronchitis 1-2g / time, oral cough will clear: dry cough respiratory inflammation 25-50mg / time, oral Sichuan Sacry syrup: cough 10 – 20ml / time, oral, 2-3 times / day dual hydrogen synthetic: various edema and high blood pressure, diuretic 25-50mg / time, oral, 1-2 times / day speed urine pulmonary edema, systemic edema, cerebral edema Wait 2-4mg / kg, l 2 times / day, oral, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, total amount of no more than 40-50mg sodium spunction: central nervous excitement, tetanous, cerebral inflammatory, anesthesia 10 15mg / kg, intravenous stability: muscle spasm, epilepsy, convulsions, excessive excitement 2.5-20mg, intravenous or oral, intramuscular injection of chlorpromazine: vomin, epilepsy, muscle spasm, anesthesia , Anshen, anti-shock 4mg / kg / day, oral town vomiting 2.2mg / kg, muscle injection anesthesia, steamedone: epilepsy, spasm 55mg / kg, 1 time / day, oral complex 846 needles: general anesthesia O. 6–1.5ml / sub-Lukain: Local anesthesia 0.5 1% solution local injection of sodium plus: systemic weakness, heart failure, relaxation smooth muscle, diuretic, excitement center 0.1–0.5 g, myobic injection, breathing failure, central inhibition, anesthetic poisoning 7.8-31.2mg / kg, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection and subcutaneous injection of adrenaline: acute circulatory failure, allergic shock, sudden Harametrifier, anti-shock 0.1 – o. 5ml, skin note intravenous recipes: high heat, muscle pain, joint pain, wind wet pain, neuralgia 30–100 mg / time, intramuscular injection or oral An Nai: rheumatism and fever disease O.3- -O. 6g / time, skin injection or intramuscular injection of anti-inflammatory pain: rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. 25–50mg / time, oral rheumatism Ning: rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, limb painPain 2-4ml / time, intramuscular injection: rheumatism, neuralgia, sonitis, muscle injury 2-4ml / time, intramuscular injection dexamethasone: infectious and allergic shock, severe adrenal cortical functional reduction Symptoms, connective tissue, bronchial asthma 0.25–1 mg / kg, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection, 1 / g hydrogenation can be loose: Tongli Susceas 0.5–2.0mg / kg, intravenous injection, Muscle injunction of Monarch: Tongli-Lodi Pine 0.5-2.0mg / kg, oral, 1 / daily fish liver oil: vitamin A deficiency, dry skin, corneal softening, night blindness, hair rough, sexual machine can be reduced, sick, cartilage Disease 0.2mg / kg, 1 time / day, internal service vitamin AD gluner: 25-500 units / time, 1 time / day, internal clothing calcium lactate: prevention and treatment, cartilage disease 0.5-2.og / , 1 / day, oral compound vitamin B: malnutrition, digestive disorder, anorexia, brown skin disease, 1-2 pieces / times, 2 times / day, oral administration 2-5ml / time, 2 / oral suit vitamins B2: Prevention and treatment of oral angiitis, tongue, cyclitis, conjunctivitis, seborrheic dermatitis, etc., 1-2 times / day, oral nicotinamide: rough skin disease, oral ulcer, dermatitis, tongue 50- -100mg / time, 1-2 times / day, oral vitamin C: Auxiliary treatment of disabled blood and various acute and chronic infectious diseases 50–100mg / time, L-2 times / day, portvioson E: Maintain reproduction The normal function of organ nervous system and horizontal muscles, oral vitamin B12: malnutrition, poor growth, anemia, neuritis, neuralgia 0.025–0.1mg / time, 1 time / day, myum, iron sulfate: lack Iron anemia 0.3–0.6g / time, 1 time / day, oral Antino: capillary damage, purpura, hemorrhagic enteritis, hematuria 2.5mg / time, 3 times / day , Oral 5-10mg / time, 2 times / day, myobulent bleeding acid: gastrointestinal hemorrhage, oozing, surgical hemorrhage and hemorrhagic hemorrhage, etc., 1-2 times / day, quiet Note or drop sodium citrate: anticoagulation 2.5-4% solution, add 10 ml of hematogen per 100ml of whole blood: allergic eczema, itching, breathing 1mg / kg, intravenous injection, skin note, 2mg /Kg, oral glucose sodium chloride: hydrolysis, adjustment of electrolyte balance, intravenous, abdominal injection, dosage, and speed of reciprocating sodium chloride: replenishing body fluid and sodium, potassium, chloride ion intravenous sodium bicarbonate: correcting acid Infrared brine: replenishing the body fluid, rinse the mucosa intravenous injection, abdominal injection, oral, external female, promote estrus, cupping, uterine inflammation 0.1–1.0mg, myobic injection oxytocin: oxyma, uterine, uterus Streep, milk 2, 5-30 units, muscle injection phosphorus: organic phosphorus drug poisoning 40mg / kg, slow intravenous ltohydrol (BAL): arsenic, mercury, bismuth, antimony, chromium, lead, tartaric acid Toxicotassium poisoning 4mg / kg, 1 time / 4 hours, muscle injuger pills: poisonous snake, poisonous bite 8-10 pieces / time, 4 times / day. Oral or topical apparatus: 蛔蛔, hooks, sickness, phymontic disease, 10mg / kg, oral pirazanone: insecticide, aphid disease, sac sac sac sac sac sac sac sac sac sachens, oral antidemidine: prevention and treatment Canine heart spatial disease 60–70mg / kg, oral, use 3-4 weeks of amine amine propamine: prevention and treatment of coccidiosis 100-200mg / kg / day, mixed in the feed or water to use 7 10 days: Prevention and treatment of trichomoniasis. Jahiworm 50 – a 100mg / kg, 2 times, / day. Used 5-7 days, Japake Acapilin: 0.25 mg / kg of ancharotic disease is prevented, and the imidazole phenyl urea is prevented by anti-inch diseases 5 mg / kg. Muscle injection Benier: Control of anxosis, 11mg / kg of taperes, a total of 2 times, 1 day in the next day, Avoncin: Sworm disease, 虫, nemelacepine, 婢, 害0.4mg / kg, subcutaneous injection halo Haining: halo, halo 25–50mg / time, 3 times / day sterilization, Sur: Duina, utensil, excrement, skin, etc. Disinfect 5-10% aqueous solution or Soak formalin: Denoma, utensils, excrement, surrounding environments 3-5% aqueous solution sprayed alcohol: skin, instrument disinfection and trauma treatment 70% aqueous solution rubbing or soak iodine: shavings, umbilical cord disinfection, infection Treatment of sexual skin disease 2-5% solution rubbing hydrogen peroxide: flushing infection 3% solution rinsing new Jeer off: skin disinfection, prenatal disinfection, scrubbing breast and phenoliosis 0.5 1 L ‰ ‰ ‰ ‰ 液 溶Trauma, mucous membrane and vaginaO. 1-0.5% aqueous solution Wash external drug-catected gentamicin dotted fluid: corneal inflammation, 2-3 drops of eye diseases such as corneal inflammation, 3-4 times / day, dripped into the eye card phenycin : 2-3 drops of hydrogenated loose eye infection, corneal turbidity, etc., 3-4 times / daily year, aged eye fluid: viral keratitis, conjunctivitis and bacterial conjunctivitis 1-2 drops / Secondary, 1-2 times / hrose gramps ointment ointment: 2-3 times, fungal skin disease 2-3 times / day, partial rubbing 去 炎 一 urea ointment: allergic skin disease, dermatitis, eczema, itching. Lupus erythematosus, 2-3 times / day, partial coated vinegar, easy ointment: allergic skin disease, plain red spotted erythematosus, seborrheic dermatitis 2-3 times / day, local coated sulfur ointment: 疥 疥Dermatology 2-3 times / day, local coated cyanodium cyanode ester oil: 螨 病 病 病 病 红 红 喷 喷 喷 喷 喷 红 红Diplomitis, contact dermatitis local coating, number of drops of drip oil on a day: otitis media 2-1 3-drop / time, 2-3 times / lactine sulfonades: various infections, otitis media, powder Wound

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