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My own huskies, I went back from my home in the first two days. I started a bit diarrhea next day. I added an electrolytic multi-dimensional prevention in his water, and orally took the “dog cat’s disease” in Sichuan. Yellow Oral Liquid, its ingredients are honeysuckle, Huang Aoth, forsythia, Astragalus poly sugar, Lin Ke, Ganoderma lucidum. I didn’t pull the day before yesterday. I pulled once at noon yesterday, and there is still a little thin. After getting up this morning, it also pulled the stupid fees, just gave it a body temperature, the temperature was 39 degrees 3, after the body temperature meter was pulled out, it felt like feces with blood. Just gave him a hydrochloride of the Boulder Pharmaceutical Factory of Jiangxi. These days of dog drinking water, I have been adding electrolytic multi-dimensional in the water. I steal nearly one pound of meat before, I ate half an apple yesterday, I ate 3 small bones this morning, I didn’t eat it. Dogs have been more than 8 months, and they will help online.
I don’t understand the dog, help
Just pulled the water sample, but it is yellow, the block in the picture should be the bone eaten in the morning.

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