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Canine distemper is caused by canine disease (CDV), infected beef beasts, especially puppies, and high contact resistant, a part of the raccoon, and lethal infectious diseases. Early performance is double-phase heat, acute nasal card, followed by bronchitis, kargic pneumonia, severe gastroenteritis and neurological symptoms. A small number of cases have a high angularization of the nose and foot pads.
Clinical symptoms The incubation period of canine disease is different from the pathogenic source, and the length is different. The pathogen from the same animal, the incubation period is generally 3 to 6 days; the pathogen from the heterogeneous animal is from the need for general time, and the incubation period can be up to 70 ~ 90 days. The dogs occurred around the 4th day after infection, lasting 1 to 2 days, slightly anorexia, occasionally conjunctivitis. At this time, there is no pitch of the protective antibody, further exhibit a broader clinical symptom. After 2 to 3 days of no heat, the body temperature is raised again, and there is a spiritual depth, anorexia, respiratory and digestive tract symptoms. . The disease has a mucus, purulent nose, attached around the nostrils on both sides, and common cough and mild breathing difficulties.
The disease dog is weak, and it will become abrupt in the future, and drink a lot of water. Forcaping the food or drinking water, vomiting often occurs, and the vomit is a white mucus or brown mucus material. The initial feces is normal or constipated, soon, there is a dysentery, and the feces are mucus-shaped, stink. The eyelid swelling, a purulent secretion, bonding the upper and lower eyelids, and there is a half-open phenomenon.
There is a red pimple or suppurative pimple of rice particles on the lower abdomen and the intraperitoneal skin. There can be neurological symptoms, spasm, and seizures. The sputum is more common in the face of the face, lips and eyelids. Holding a closed, the movement of the rotation or the back, and the neurological disease begins, most acute passage, short disease, high mortality, often died within 2 ~ 3 days. This disease is often secondary to respiratory infection or bronchial pneumonia.
Diagnosis of the diseased disease is more complex, often easy to mix infection or secondary infection with hyperilitated Bacillus, bronchial and septis, Salmonella and dog infectious hepatitis virus, dog fine virus, etc. Clinical diagnosis is difficult. According to clinical symptoms, pathological changes, and epidemiological data can be made to make initial diagnosis, the diagnosis must be examined by the following method. 1. Separation of viruses from natural infection casesThe virus is more difficult. It is a commonly used separation method inoculation to the snow. Lymphatic tissue is collected in the initial stage; acute cases take primary glands, spleen, lungs, liver; 2 weeks or off-breasts 15 days of susceptible puppies 5ml, symptoms are obvious, often died 2 weeks after the disease; or inoculation of susceptible snow 0.5 ~ 1.0ml, 8 ~ 12 days, nose, shortcomings, soon It turns into purulent, eyelid edema, adhesion, blister and pustule, foot swelling, two toes, and death, usual after 5 to 6 days, can also inoculate the above patients in dog kidney primary cells, chicken Embryo or fibrous cells or murderous cytokine macrophages isolate and identify viruses.
2. Included body examination can scrape the nose, tongue, transient film and vaginal mucosa before, after death, scraping bladder, renal pelvis, gallbladder or bile duct, make smear, dry, methanol fixation, Sumu purple And irised color, mirror test. The inclusion body is red, seen in the cytosol, circular or elliptical, the edge is clear. 3. Serological diagnosis. 1 Metal and Test: Generally, a chicken embryo diaper membrane and various tissue cultured cells were used to detect antibodies. When the anti-antibody titer is 1: 100 or higher, there is strong resistance to the Synder Hi11 poison. Dogs with lower and antibodies below 1:20 are susceptible. The neutralization test is a standard method that currently determines immunity. 2 Supplemental binding test: A complement binding test can be used as a suppression of the infected organ, infected with a chicken gerbera diaper emulsion or infection cell culture. Dogs infections were generated 21 to 28 days after the complement binding antibody, but only a few weeks later, so the complement binding test was a method for diagnosing a new infection. 3 Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay: It is currently a method of more sensitive and specific to IgG and IgM antibodies in serum. Bernard et al. Believes that centrifugation of sucrose density gradient is an important step of enhancing its specificity.
Treatment of disease dogs and high-dose applications in the use of dogs, high serum, usually 2 ~ 3ml / kg weight, and use 3 to 4 days. To apply an antiviral injection or oral liquid such as viralazole, interferon, antiviral oral liquid, and the like. After the dog is infected with CDV, it is often sent to bacterial infection, so after the onset of antibiotics or sulfonamides can reduce death and relieve the condition. Performance according to the pathogenic and symptoms of the dogTherapy and symptomatic therapy, strengthen feeding management and pay attention to diet, combined with strong intentions, hydraulic, detoxification, diuretic, etc., have certain therapeutic effects.
Prevention and control measures can not be one of the main epidemic diseases that are currently harmful to the dog industry. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, in order to prevent the spread of the disease, it is necessary to quickly disinfect the disease, use in sputum, bleaching powder or to Suer, stop animal mobilization and unrelated personnel, the assumption of healthy animals and threatened other animals It can be considered to use the dog’s disothermal and high serum or pediatric measles vaccine to do emergency injection. After stability of the epidemic, then inject the canine disease vaccine. Usually, veterinary hygiene and epidemic prevention measures are strict, insist on immunosal injection, canine disease is preventable. my country is currently used to prevent the vaccine of this disease has unit privileges (chicken embryo cytokines), triple seedlings (dogwood, dog infectious hepatitis and dog fine virus disease), five seedlings (dogwood, dog contagism Hepatitis, dog fine virus disease, dog subfluenza and rabies) and measles vaccines can be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The immune effect of the puppies is very relaxed with its maternal antibody level. When the mother’s antibody is fell below 1:20, it is not easy to feel 1:100. Generally, the puppies unknown puppies are from 6 weeks old, and the second exemption is 8 weeks, three free is 10 weeks old, and the immunization will be enhanced every half year. In the epidemic area, the people who have been wean-weaned milk, first injection of 2 to 3 people with measles weak toxic to freeze dry seedlings, half a month after the interval of 2 ~ 3 weeks old cans Seedlings can achieve better immune effects.

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