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1. Training of defecation
Prepare toilet in advance, ready for a big flat plate, laying the plastic cloth at the bottom, put a few old newspapers in advance in advance, then in advance, then put the old newspaper of the dog Corner or toilet in the corridor, bathroom.
The dog’s satisfaction is usually after you just wake up or just eaten. When the dog is about to decline, he will hear the ground. At this time, it should be immediately taken to the dog.
If you see that the dog does not defend in the specified manifold, you should immediately press its nose in the place of defecation, and strictly blame: “Do not defend this place!” Take a warning. Then in the place of defecation, wash with soap water and remove the odor. Otherwise, the puppy has a smell of its own feces, and it will be in size here.
As long as it is repeated several times, patiently tune one, two weeks, slower to three, four weeks can learn. In addition to going out, it usually seizes the specified place. After the row, the two newspapers and feces were processed together, leaving a slightly feces odor.
2. Training for dogs
The first time I took a walk, give it a ring. Generally, the neck and the collar can reach two fingers. The correct way to take a walk is to let the dog on the left side of the owner, don’t give the dog to run, you should tighten the strap. After the dog habits, even if there is no belt, it will not run casually.
3. Training dogs should not be casually called
The dog is really troubled. At first, when I didn’t want a dog, I was drinking for the dog: “Don’t call!” Make the dog immediately stopped. If it is invalid, use the roll up the newspaper tube to play it, this training method is better.
4. Training dogs do not mess up
Dogs have a habit of being close to the owner in order to express intimate, this behavior sometimes makes clothes and feels trouble. When there is a guest, the dog rushes up, so that the guests are afraid, the owner also feels hard to love. The correction method is that the dog who came to the rushing, while saying “no”, one side with a handhered dog. After repeated a few times, the dog will no longer rush because of the lesson.
5. Training of dog dining
Feed dogs, must be fixed in one place, and supplied with fixed tableware for a certain period of time. Let the dog learn to eat food after the owner is licensed. First put a tableware with food in the dog surfaceBefore, hold down its body, if you don’t listen to your password, you have to pick up the tableware immediately, wait until it takes a little posture, just say “can”, then let it start to eat.
6. Training dog “Sit down” handle on the dog waist down, then say “Sit down, sit down”, after the dog sits, and makes a certain distance from the dog, “sit down “The command, at the same time, reach out, put down, repeatedly, the dog is skilled in this action, as long as the gesture is indicated, it will not have to issue a command.
7. Let the dog learn to “worship” and “turn” placed the food of the dog to the dog head, tempting the dog, standing to take the “Bai” posture, can also train it on this, final training The password to listen to “turning” will rotate.
8. Training reached out and “Handshake” just started, shout “reach out”, then pick up its left front foot with one hand, pick up its right foot, say: “Well, good” While drawing a hand touching the dog’s throat or chest, you can also give it some food, which will learn faster.
9. Training “Biting”, “Songkou” “brought” this training needs to be mandatory and perfect. Usually use a short wooden stick, first or order it “bite”, at the same time, with a hand-pug, the other hand takes a short stick to let it bite with your mouth, you must repeatedly practice. The way to train it is to let it sit down, put things away from dogs more than ten meters away, shout “bite it”, when it bites, or order it. If the hose of the stick falls, the owner must go to the place to drop, pick up the wooden stick, let the dog come over, then take the thing, say “good, good”, touch its head. After the action is skilled, it can train it to bite the things.
10. Training dogs have a waiting to resist
When the puppy learns “slightly” posture, you can take it to the quiet square. Let the dog first, then send the password “not allowed”, pick up the front end of the strap and slowly retreat around the dog. At this time, if the dog changes the posture, they will train from head. After the dog learns this action, the owner can let go of the belt to go far, let it wait patiently.
11. Training dog “Come” originally held the dog belt, shouting “Come”, while pulling the tape, making the dog’s neck after running, that is, it is called itunder. After the habit, you can decry the tape, pull the distance to train.
12. Tea dog is moving a moving action
First let the dog take “sit down” posture, then call the “Vulid” password, pull the dog two front foot to front, and press the dog back, make it Do this action repeatedly and repeatedly.
13. Taking the training
Training dog only to eat the owner, do not eat someone else. When training, you must first choose a person who is unfamiliar with the dog. It will take a pepper or a very bitter food to feed the dog. After the dog is eating, it will feel hard, and the mandies will refuse to eat.

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