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Canine parvio infection is an acute infectious disease caused by dog ​​thin viruses (CPV), which mainly clinical characteristics of hemorrhagic enteritis and non-hydrazine myocarditis. There are more than 10% to 50% of the mortality rate.
Symptom: This disease is characterized by two types, namely hemorrhagic enteritis and acute myocarditis. Bleeding enteritis type is more than young dogs. The disease suddenly onset, first vomiting, and diarrhea appeared. The feces first is yellow or gray yellow, and there is a tomato sauce, with a bad smell. The disease quickly dehydrates, slim, weak body. Dogs are often died of 2 to 3 days after diarrhea due to water, electrolyte balance disorders and acidosis. Blood routine examination, the total number of white blood cells can be seen significantly, especially within 4 to 5 days of the first day, can be reduced to 3000 / mm2 or less. The tattage inspection dog can be seen, the ileal mucosa necrosis, fall off, fluff atrophy, intestinal cavity expansion, content water sample, mixed with blood and mucus. Prevention and treatment measures

Myocarditis cases often have poor prognosis. The treatment of enteritis type case is mainly symptomatic treatment and support therapy. Clinically, you can refer to the following prescriptions:
Compound physiological saline, glucose injection, gentamicin or anthracenal injection, viralazole, vitamin C, dexamethasone, etc.
In summary, timely, rapid, multi-channel replenishment, combined with anti-infective, detoxification, anti-shock, symptomatic therapy, can be released faster and shorten the disease.

In recent years, China has a wide variety of fine viruses, and the epidemic has been controlled. The epidemic prevention procedure was premiminating at 30 days, followed by a second, third immunization at a 2 weeks, and then three times a two-week interval was subsequently immunized.

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