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Popular feature: Dogwalks in November to April in November in November, in November, more than one in the unit or region of dog comparative agglomeration. Once the dog group occurs, the other puppies are difficult to avoid infection unless otherwise in absolute isolation. The lactatora can have a little onset of antibodies from breast milk. It is usually the most prone to puppies from March to 1 year old.

Clinical features: body temperature is double-phase heat (ie, the temperature rise is about 40 ° C for about 1 to 2 days, after 2 ~ 3 days, the body temperature increases again); second time When the body temperature is high (a few cases died) showed respiratory symptoms, sick dog cough, sneezing, melting liquid soil nose, nose dryness; eyelid swelling, suppurative conjunctivitis, periodic corneal ulcer; lower abdomen and There is a large red spot, edema and suppurative on the skin of the shares; often vomiting; the initial constipation, short aging, stasis, sometimes mixed with blood and bubbles. A small number of cases can be seen in the palm and the nasal skin angle transformation. Some disease dogs, there is neurological symptoms in the beginning of the disease, and some have neurological symptoms 7 to 10 days after the disease. Light lips, local twisting, gravity of the sash, collision, or mouth, the teeth, the teeth are closed, the ground convulsions, the epilepsy episodes, last few seconds to several minutes, the number of attacks From several times a day to more than ten times. Most of this disease is poor prognosis, and some are just partial convulsions or the convulsions of the limbs and the convulsions of the whole hind body, and the neurological symptoms such as unsatisfaction. Even if they recover, they often leave sequelae such as rear body. Symptoms are complicated due to mixed infections such as dog infectious hepatitis and secondary infection. Therefore, only preliminary diagnosis can only be made by the above symptoms, and finally diagnosis must be used to take the disease (eye conjunctival, bladder, stomach, lung, trachea and brain, serum) to test units, virus separation, neutralization test. Sexual check.
Symptom: Dog’s plastic period is 3-9 days. There are many different symptoms, related to the strong weakness, environmental conditions, age and immune status. The symptoms of canine plasticity begins with elevated body temperature for 1-3 days. Then resolve, very similar to the feature of catching. But after a few days, the body temperature increased again, and the duration was not necessarily. It can be seen that there is tears, the eye-catching membrane is red, and the eye secretion is made of a liquid into puzza. The nasal is dry, there is a nasal flow, and begins to be a slurry nasal liquid, and then become a purulent nasal liquid. There is a dry cough in the beginning of the disease, then turn to wet cough, difficulty breathing. Vomiting, diarrhea, intestines, ultimatelyRemoval and weakening death.
Neurological symptoms, mostly appeared around 10 days of symptoms. Clinically, patient symptoms of neurological symptoms are caused by cascade and nasal angledization. Symptoms differ from the part of the canine disease virus into the central nervous system. Virus damage is due to epilepsy, turning circle, standing post-standing abnormality, gait instability, unsatisfaction, mastication, and other neurological symptoms such as hair loss, such neuropathic predicts .

Prevention and Control_
1. The prevention of dogwind is to regular serum antibody immunity. Beijing Guohao Gaoke Biotechnology Co., Ltd. relies on China Agricultural University, China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University, Northwestern Agriculture and Forestry University, and uses advanced modern extraction technology to develop high-efficiency homologous refined serum antibodies. Immunotherapy product dog Shule, dog Shule can effectively treat and prevent dog trainees, dogs, dog depth flus, canine glazing and dog fine virus disease is exempted from serum, improve dog immunity, enhance dog only constitution. Fast being quickly absorbed after the injection of the dog (the highest blood concentration can be achieved in 1 hour), and the pathogens can be quickly removed from the pathogens to the virus to completely remove the hazard of the pathogen on the body, and quickly control the dog epidemic; at the same time, induce the body Sourceless interferon, promotes antibody formation, prevents replication of viral cells, thereby acting as an anti-infective antiviral sterilization.
2, once the canine disease, in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the disease must be quickly isolated, the case and the environment are used in the environment, sodium hypochlorite, and to be thoroughly disinfected. Strictly prohibit sick dogs from contact with healthy dogs. For dogs that have not been infected with infected, there is a potential to be healthy dogs and threats of epidemic, should immediately use dog Shule serum injection to emergency injection.

3. Treatment: After the clinical symptoms, it can be used to use dog Shule for emergency treatment, and the use of dog Shule is 0.1ml / kg body weight, intramuscular injection, 1 time / day, for 2 days. Heavy-risk cases can be added as appropriate. In addition, antibiotics such as penicillin, streptomycin, etc. are used in combination with symptomatic treatment, and there is an effect on the prevention of bacterial secondary infections and disease dog rehabilitation.
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