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The dog will feel boring, because after playing very happy, I don’t know what I should do when I am playing. So, I feel lazy, only my eyes continue to look for new naughty objects. But the dog can’t be immersed in this boring, as long as a thing that stimulates its curiosity, it will immediately get up immediately, completely forget the younger himself.

When the dog wants to tell, it will be desperate to use this “言 又 又 又” look up looks at the owner. It will not be tired of making the same movement, and then send a low voice, I hope that the owner can understand its mood. At this time, you should work hard from its eyes. As long as it is gentle, serious efforts to understand, after all, you can understand its heart. The dog’s appeal is very simple, simple, it is absolutely impossible to make extravagant requirements.
When thinking, the dog will be silent. But the dog will not be meditated, because this does not meet its personality. It will be invested in the next action and is very keen on it. When it is thinking in motion and action, it can be learned from this way after thinking about this kind of thinking. Therefore, the key to the training is repeated.
The fatigue after full movement also made the dog feel unbearable. The puppy will be stunned and sleep, and hout, it will enter the dream. When it sleeps so sweet, how to call, also call it, let it sleep well. As the saying goes, “one big one inch”, when it slept well, I will have an energetic event until it is tired. The process continues to grow during the truncation process.
Eating and walking is a happy time. Hanging under the ear, narrowing eyes, spitting out your tongue is a pleasant expression in mood.
The tail is shaken, and the body is twisted, and the step is light. When the tail is desperately shaking, it is the most happy time. Sometimes it will frustrate your nose, lift your lips, make a smile. When it issues “,” sound from the nose, it is also a happy symbol.


When you play with yourself, it is easy to play. Running tail, elongated neck, lightly, happy, happy, eyes will bloomLoan the rays, keep jumping, the whole body shows the happiness that cannot be restrained. Shake your ears up and down, spit out the tongue “Ha, Ha” to the feed owner, is also his pleasant time. May share this happiness.

After full activity, after playing, it will be lazy to lying down, immersed in a happy fatigue, and satisfied in the heart. I stared at the fell fell fell in the feeder and my family, I confirmed that everyone did not forget its existence. This is a full relaxation, rest assured time. When you are in a good mood, you will also send a pleasure to spoiler, and the feeder will definitely feel the good mood of the dog.

Interests is concentrated
The dog is curious. The first time I saw animals and insects. The ear will be sensitive, the tail is constantly shaking, with a little nervous, slowly close. Sniffing the taste, when you understand “all safety”, you will use your nose, bite with your mouth … When you feel strange or encountered something, you will be like a neck like a person. ” How can it be? “

When holding the favorite toy or a new game props, its eyes will bloom,” Forgot to “who I am.” In order to be afraid that the toy is lost, you will use the front leg to hold the toy, or bite with a teeth, shake it. Because it is too excited, it will draft the mouth or stand up, the action is very indifferent, it doesn’t matter.

Service from
dog will be completely affected by the leader I agree. The owner of the dog is of course feeding. It will only make a hidden movement, revealing the biggest weakness of the belly, representing the meaning of ourselves, there is no resistance to the absolute objection. In addition, After the tail is reached, the abdomen is squatting on the ground, collapsing the ear, looking at the owner, representing the meaning of obedience.

When I left my mother, I waited for “~~ 呜 ~~”, I have been “~~ ~~”. Visit shoulder, low head, whole body weak Standing in its “site”. Even if there is a ball rolling over, it will not look at it. It seems to be “a dog is fun”. “Call” sighs an angry, try to make yourself sleep. This That time, only the love of the owner can be gentle.

issued “Oh,” Take the spoiler of the nasal sound,The body is constantly being close, I hope that the owner can touch it. It will pass through the feeders, or lying down to the feedworship “.” At this time, don’t drive it away, even if there is only a moment of time, work hard to keep the limb contact. To the dog, you can make it feel the time of the love of the owner.

The dog is busy constantly picking things back, the most good at slippers, shoes, balls and cloth dolls, etc. When I came to the owner, I lifted a leg, attracting the attention of the owner, or flying over, and the owner spoiled, asked “to play together.” Will be “,”, spoiled with the nasal sound, constantly winding around the rushes around the owner, or when you see something, just bite in your mouth, run to the owner; even a large piece of dead wood does not let go.

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