Dogs can’t be too obese

timg (4).jpg Dog’s obesity is a growing problem, which may lead to many problems, including heart disease, joint problems and diabetes. American almost half of dogs are obese, especially pigeon, sausage, Bastet and Labrador. Dog arrives before you need to inject insulin, you can make it thin. This may cost a year, but it is absolutely worth doing.

Even puppies can’t overweight? All dogs should be slim, not obesity. If you can touch the ribs of the dog, the rib is not completely masked by fat, indicating that the dog’s weight is normal from the side, and the dog’s abdomen should be folded from above, and the front of the dog’s hips should have obvious. waist. When you touch its rib, you should have a number of ribs, of course, you don’t need to use your eyes.

The main reason for the dog overweight is to feed the remaining food on the table. Although it is a very interesting thing to feed it, it will have a serious consequence. One of them is of course, making the dog uncertain who is the leader of this family. The leader is the first to eat if the dog is fed before people eat or when they eat, and the status of the family will become unclear. In addition, the dining table is not necessarily a suitable nutrient for the dog. For example, many dogs who have eaten leaves vitamin A is poisoned and overcome excess protein and phosphorus. If you only feed the dog, you can usually get sufficient calcium and may have thyroidism.

To reduce the body weight of the obesity, a method is to still adhere to the original feeding time, but reduce the amount of feeding. But using this method, the dog may increase the blame. So many masters choose to add a large volume of vegetables to the food. You can also choose a dedicated low-calorie food. This kind of food is large, making the dog feeling more food. Dogs usually don’t like low-calorie food, but will eventually eat this food and habits.

Another way, can also reduce the mourning, that is, the feeding once a day is changed twice a day. Do not rest every day. Overweight dogs can feed two smalltones, don’t snack it, but give it a meal. If you really want to give it a snack, use a carrot or an apple instead.

A balanced dog’s food, at least one quarter of the protein and the heat of 1600 big cards per poundQuantity, but if the dog’s activity is not much, the overweight dog needs to be less. Canned dog food is usually in accordance with the heat of 500 card per pound, but if it is used as a rectified feeding, it provides no more than 600 cards per pound of 600. Dry food is 1500 large cards per pound of 1500 cards, half soft or humid foods are 1350 large cards per pound. So if the dog’s body weight is less than 11 pounds, you need to feed it 4 ounces of dry food every day. 22 pounds, feeding 5 ounces, 2250 pounds, feeding 11 oz, 5575 pounds, feeding 17 ounces, more than 75 pounds, feeding 3035 ounces of dry food.

However, because each dog’s food metabolism is different, these calculations are not necessarily the most suitable remember, and a dog does not have to be fed every day, and even fifth five days. In addition, sterilization will not cause obesity.

If the dog is just a drink of chopphrox, it does not need to feed the chewing slow pulpion, and it will increase the weight. If the obese dog picks to eat, it may take a while to suit your healthy diet.

Once the dog begins to die, it is necessary to clearly solve its body weight. If the obese dog has reduced even a little weight after two weeks, it means that your measures are correct

should take a walk (twice a day) but if the dog is really fat, it is not too big. Sports. For more than a ditch, anything is important to be a critical goal, it should be twice as much as the current amount of walking. Although your dog needs to be sorted, it will take more walk more to do not let it have enough exercise.

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