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Aspergillus disease is also known as curnectic pneumonia. This disease mainly causes the anemia (especially lung and airbag) inflammation, with high incidence and mortality.

1. Pathogen characteristic tobachacin. Campin, black matrix, forming nests, pelvic, etc. may become pathogenic bacteria. Among them, the strongest pathogenicity of tobacco. These molds and spores thereof are widely distributed in nature, mainly spread by contaminated feed, pads, utensils, and environments.
2. Popular fertromycin is infectious to different aged geese, the ease of sensibility, often acute outbreak, and the mortality can reach more than 50%. Adult goose often occurs, mostly due to feed mildew feed, often chronic elapses, mortality is not high. Polluted pads, air and moldy feed are primary infectious sources of epidemics of this disease, which can contain a large amount of cocci spores. This disease occurs in warmth, humid plum rain season, due to feed, the amount of pads are easy to grow in the growth of molds. If the bakement of the gutter is not replaced in time, the feed is not good, the goose house is moist, the ventilation, the breeding density is too large, and it will often cause the outbreak of this disease. In addition, this disease can also be propagated with contaminated incubator or hatching chamber. At the beginning of the young goepup, it is possible to suffer from sick after 1 day, and there is a respiratory symptom. Under natural conditions, the pathogen is mainly transmitted through respiratory tract. 3. Treatment of symptoms of diseases, sputum, dysfunction, difficulty breathing, breathing, and dry, hoarse sound. Mildew is often infringed on the eyes, causing tears, shy, swelling, called fungal eyeitis. The mouth, the nose is a slurry secretion. The sorcerer is often diarrhea, and it is slim, and death. The mortality rate can reach 50% to 100%. The disease is 2 ~ 3 days. Chronic case symptoms are not obvious, surface gasping, meal, diarrhea, gradually thin, final failure. The course of disease is often 5 ~ 7 days. 4. The pathological changes are sick and dead, see the lungs, ash yellow or milky white nodules, miliary size, cutting surface in concentricular laminated structures, is a cheese-like necrotic tissue, sometimes these nodules integrate into large gals. Nasal, trachea, bronchial mucosal congestion, intestinal mucosa often charge blood. Some cases of chest airbags or abdominal airbags have mold spots, molds thickness of 2 to 5 mm, circa, central depression. Most cases of intestinal mucosa are trucky inflammation.
5. The diagnosis points can make preliminary diagnosis based on epidemiology, probation symptoms and pathological changes. Coriative to take the nodule lesion of the geese airbag or pulmonary organMakers, bacteria and spores of the form of Mercae with microscopy. Sometimes the direct spray mirror test may not be able to see the mold, and the contents of the nodular lesions should be taken to separate cultures. 6. Prevention and treatment measures Strengthen feeding environmental hygiene, no moldy mushroom, pads and ban feeding feed are the main measures to prevent mycosis. Wet, rainy season, the goose house must cleanse and disinfect every day, keep it dry, clean, prevent the grass, pad, feed mold. Quick beauty can be bio-reliable! Treatment of menuscin
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