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[Today’s share] Duck goose ovantine peritoneal inflammation is called a infectious disease caused by E. coli. Usually, during the birth of the eggs of the mother duck, it affects the egg yield, and even leads to death, and is extremely harmful to the puck. The disease is characterized by inflammation, ovals, ovals, egg deformed, denaturation, and finally developed into diffuse oval peritonitis. (1) The pathogen of pathogenatic characteristics This disease is some fatal Escher Escherichia coli, which is a Glanthoplasty. Bacteria is widely existed in Duck Goose and the surrounding environment and in animals, improper feeding management, malicious factors such as dampness, ventilation, poor environmental sanitation, decline in the resistance of ducks, can promote this disease happened. This bacterium is not strong on the external environment, and the commonly used disinfectant can kill the bacteria. (2) The epidemic feature is widely popular in various ducks, especially in the peak of laying eggs and the cold season. Once the duck goose in the ducks, the disease can have occurred, and the incidence rate can reach more than 25%, and the mortality rate is about 15%. If you don’t die, the egg production is stopped. The egg yield rate of the duck group has decreased significantly, and the fertilization rate and hatching rate of eggs from the diseased duck goose also decreased significantly. When a mother-infection is physically infected, some Escherichia coli reaches the blood of the fallopian tube, and the male ducks with genital E. coli and the mother ducks can also spread E. coli to the mother duck, these two situations Both the female duck meteoriosis can cause peritonitis. When the mother duck goose is stopped, the epidemic of this disease will also be terminated. (3) The symptoms of the dispersion of the disease is expressed as spiritual and depressed, and the appetite is not willing to move. It is often separated from the group, and the egg rate declines. Egg white, solidified protein or yolk small pieces are often mixed with egg white, solidified proteins or yolk. The peritonitis of the later period made the diseased ducks, the appetite is reluctant, the spirit is extremely depressed, and finally due to loss of water, hunger, and inflammation, toxic product absorption caused by failure. The disease is 2 to 6 days. A few harsh duck goose can rehabilitate itself, but the egg can be lost. (4) The main lesions of pathological changes are ovantine peritonitis, planing the abdominal cavity, can be seen that the abdominal cavity is filled with light yellow, smelly liquid or yolk material. The abdominal, fallopian tube and intestines have inflammation, exhibiting a pale yellow, solidified cellulose, mesenteric exudate, mesenteric deformation, denaturation, resended yolk coagulation into a hard block, cutting a layer, The cracked yolk condenses a small piece or fragmentation of a size. Formation mucosa, bleeding point andLight yellow fiber sestries, also contained mulberrocolitols or yellow cellulose coagulation. The lesion of the male goose is limited to the external genital part, the penis is swollen, the surface has a small nodule of sesame to yellow bean, which is a yellow purulent exudate or cheese-like necrotic substance, and the disease is serious. The surface has gray black necrosis. (5) Diagnostic points can generally have preliminary diagnosis according to the symptoms of clinics and typical pathological changes. The diagnosis must be separated from pathogenic bacteria. (6) Prevention and control measures Strengthen the feeding management and sanitation measures of Duck goose, which is only examined the reproductive organs of male ducks, and found that there is a lesion of the male ducks to be eliminated to prevent the dissemination of the disease. Strengthen the water quality management of duck geese mating pools to prevent water supply pollution. The diseased ducks use new herd models + tube Shukang + double yellow oral liquid to stop the development of diseases. At present, the prevention of this disease mainly uses Duck Goose Eggs to activate live seedlings. Each duck goose is 1 ml of muscle in the top 15 days before the laying of eggs, which is generally safe and effective. Water poultry doctor Lao Zai mobile phone 13615110062 WeChat Synchronous Xuzhou New Mu Technology Department of Water Poultry Doctor Lao Ge Consolidation 2017-5-28

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