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I. Popular characteristics, symptoms and lesions

This disease can be onset in all ages, but most susceptible in one month. This disease can be vertically propagated and horizontally propagated, and horizontally spreads through E. coli contaminated drinking water, feed, air, cquirting, etc. infected with digestive tract, respiratory tract, umbilical cords, often in the clinical manifestation;

1, acute sepsis: This type of E. coli can occur in any age, mostly acute passage, is expressed as spiritual atrophy, and the yellow white is excited, and it can die in the short term. Acute acute cases were preserved by sepsis, and the diseased velocity inflammation, fibrotic hepatic inflammation and peritonitis were used.
2, chick horny-type and egg yolk sacs; infection occurs during incubation, the diseased appearance is expanded, the umbilical hole is not closed, the surround is brown, the yolk sac does not absorb the contents of gray green, disease The blast gray white water-like feces, and the death of sepsis was caused by the shell 2-3 days, and the chicken was blocked.
3, airbagitis; often consolidated with E. coli and other pathogens, clinical manifestations, difficulty breathing, cough, sneezing, etc., cut visible airbag wall thickening, pericardial film thickness, Omphilia, there is a pale yellow cheese exudate, the intracellular film is thickened, and there is a plurality of fiber permeable in the cardiac cavity. The liver is covered with fiber seeprotherapy, and the abdominal fluid is covered.
4, full-eyeball and swelling type; the air E. coli content in the chickenhouse is too high, can infect eyegitis caused by young chickens, the expression is closed, the appearance is swollen, and the accumulation of pus is accumulated. Cheese substances, the head swelling, mostly single infection, the disease is poor, gradually dying.
5, ovantine peritonitis; yurt chicken abdomen airbags were peritonitis and fallopianitis in E. coli, tube-free lumen filled with cheese samples, falling tubes were blocked, and the eggs discharged into the abdominal cavity, artificial Female seed chickens often.
Second, comprehensive control measures and mixed infection treatment

1, do a good job in the environment of the chicken house, strengthen the control of ventilation, temperature and humidity, and reduce the content of pathogen in the resort.
2, strengthen the chicken disinfection system, reasonable use of chemical disinfection to reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria.
3, the seed chicken has a reasonable immunization of Escherichia coli inactivating vaccineProgram to increase the maternal antibody of the chick, and can also prevent the propagation of vertical infections. Commodity chickens can also choose a multivalent vaccine to perform immunization, select the serotype of E. coli, will achieve better results.
4, drug treatment, conditions can be treated with high-sensitive drugs by doing drug sensitivity testing.
5, in the process of clinical diagnosis, preventing a typical double bag (packaged liver) is immediately diagnosed, it is not paying attention to other lesions, this is no attention to other diseases. It is often caused by misdiagnosis or missed, and the treatment of E. coli is used alone, and the mortality is not reduced, causing suspected pathogenic bacteria to produce anti-drug and use a pseudo-drug, because E. coli is conditional pathogenic bacteria. They are all accompanied by multiple infectious diseases or secondary, if you can’t divide who is primary disease, you will not have a good treatment in treatment, that is fierce.

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