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First, look at your eyes. Healthy pig eyes are bright. If you find that the eyes of pigs are dark, the eyelids are too much, indicating that pigs may have been ill.
Second, look at the skin. Healthy pig skin is smooth, and the muscles are full. If the pigs are rough and lack of elasticity, swelling, ulcers, erythema, spots, etc., indicating that pigs may have been ill.
Third, see the color. Healthy pig glare light brightening. If the pig is rough, there is a lack of elasticity, messy, indicating that pigs may have been ill.
Four, see the nasal plate. Healthy pig nose is wet with sweat. If the pig nasal disc is dry without sweat, there is a large amount of mucus overflow in the nostril, and it means that pigs may have sick
5, see the action. Healthy pigtails keep swinging and can quickly and sensitively to respond to external stimuli. Healthy adult pigs are good to sleep. When feeding healthy pigs, pigs will come back, and they will sleep after it is enough, and they are close to, that is, they are standing and tailing. If the pig has a head and other phenomena, it means that pigs may have been ill.
Six, see the neck. Healthy pig head neck activities are free, no swelling. If the head and neck movement of the pig is not free or swelling and hard, the pig is likely to have sick.
Seven, look good. Healthy pigs should breathe 10-20 times per minute. If the abdominal breathing is too fast or too slow, it is not normal.
Eight, see the end. Healthy pig anal is clean and free. If you find that the anal anal and around, even the tail is sticky, or the rectum of the anus is out of the anus, or the pigtails are not moving, the pig is likely to be ill.
Nine, look at the posture. Healthy pigs sleep multiple side, breathing for chest and abdomen (depending on the situation, there is abdominal breathing). If the pig is a dog sitting, his mouth is breathing, then the pig may have been ill.
Ten, listen to the sound. The sound of the sound of healthy pigs is bright. If the pig’s sound drunk is a sick pig

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