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With the improvement of living standards, the edible value of Xiang Pork has been accepted by the public family. The breeding benefits of the pig pigs are also widely recognized. Can the market economy survival fittings, how to reduce the cost of breeding income? It is the problem facing our eyes.
The following describes a brand new pig fermentation bed breeding model: ecology, environmental protection, saving feed, labor, and effectively preventing various pigs disease. The key to the success or failure of the fermented bed is the design of the pig house structure, focusing on the construction structure requirements for the fermentation bed of the pigs:
One, wall and roof.
Walls and roofs should be kept with insulation as much as possible, try to do warm summer cool.
The roof should be ridge, and it is not appropriate to use flat top. The roof of the ridge should not build a ceiling to ensure that the exhaust gas can be discharged from the sunroof from the roof.
The height of the eaves (refers to the vertical distance of the fermentation bed on the surface of the roof) Reference indicators: the north is 2.5 meters, the Central Plains province and the Yungui Plateau are 3.0 meters. The wet heat in the south is 3.5-4.0 meters. Roof is generally about 1.5 meters higher than the roof. The circle is too low, reducing the quality of the air, affecting the health of the pig.
Second, the door and window design.
To ensure ventilation, doors and windows should be as large as possible, and the general specifications are 1.5 meters * 2.0 meters. Be sure to add a skylight and floor. The sunroof is installed at the highest roof, and it is best to be above the longitudinal center of the circle. Open a sunroof every 1-2 to meet the needs.
The sunroof can be designed and produced by the pig farm, but it is best to purchase a rotary sector in the farming equipment market (no power skylight and powerful day window spaced installation effect. As shown below:
Each One floor, each size of about 25 cm * 25 cm. It can also be built in a large number of small windows, and the upper window is above the fermentation bed lower 15 in the floor. Calitime, too high impact on the rise of ground wet heat gases, too low may cause rainwater into the house, or the pig will be unfolded. To prevent rainwater from entering the circle, the flip-cover baffle can be installed on the floor.
Third, the layout of Zhixiang pig houses.
Pig fermentation bed is generally built a single-column, walkway is located in the north. The tank is placed on the side of the road, or the road brick and cement mortar Mechanically trench tanks for overall Unicom.
Xiang pig house span with current9 meters or so, but 10-12 meters is mostly calculated.
Each single-zone area is generally more than 1 times more than cement, preferably from 30-40 square meters, and pigs 25-35 pigs. Single circle is too small not only to increase feeding process workload, but it is not convenient to flip maintenance, but also limits the motion of pigs, but also increase the fence cost. When the single-ring is too large (50-100 square meters), the pig is too excsuckpled to concentrate on a corner, and the labor intensity of the manure and the pad is large, and the difficulty of maintaining maintenance is.
Four, the setting of the water dispenser.
The water dispenser is in opposite sides of the tank. The water dispenser is about 50 cm, and every 10-15 pigs account for a drinking water. Small pig is low, and the water drinker for large pigs is slightly higher, and two different heights can be installed at the same time. As shown in the figure:
The water driver will be built under the water dispenser, which is used to stream water to the water drinker outside. Generally, 60 cm wide, the length can be flexible, preferably 1 meter. Generally, the length of the pilot table is about 1/3 of the longitudinal length of the pig house.
V. Fence.
The fence of the circle is preferably made of steel, steel pipe, cement railing, or with a thick wire mesh, etc., it is not necessary to use brick wall. It is a ventilation, and the second is no space, and the third is not affecting the overall Unicom of the fermentation bed, four is to increase the contact and communication between the pigs. The above five points are the standard requirements for building fermentation bed.

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