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For dewood, it can make the egg chicken can achieve both layout requirements, but will not be fat, overfertile affecting production, and the specifically feed eggs are limited to the following:

limited to Method: Limit feed feeding (also called limited to limit method); limiting energy, crude protein, or methionine, lysine, etc. in diet (also known as limiting method). Veterinary drug network 1866.TV

Restricted forage, the bones, muscles, feathers and reproductive organs of chicken faster, feeding, more food, and the control of chickens The power is very poor, it is easy to make a chicken overfertrant, so in order to prevent the growth of the egg chicken from being mature and the body weight of adult chickens, the full playback of the product is fully played, and the forage technology is often used. Delicate the egg hooks to open production, and obtain standard size and weight. At the same time, during the restricted forage, the weaker and unhealthy chicken can be eliminated in advance, thereby reducing the deadness of the egg period, saving the feed, can prevent the mother chicken due to controlling growth and development Many fat deposition, and reduce the number of small eggs after the opening, improve the production level and economic benefits.

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