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Meat sheep breeding science: meat sheep a day of fine material feed intake is 2.3% – 2.3%, one hundred pounds of fattening sheep, I have to eat two pounds of more than two pounds, the ewa should be less, generally The weight of 0.7-1.1, generally, three, forty pounds of lambs start fattening, long to seven or eighty pounds, that is, the premix is ​​better, premix can develop bones, pull The sheep after eighty pounds, the sheep after concentration, can quickly long meat, concentrate, have oil, but there are also many customers with concentration, or premix, but grasp one, lamb needs protein High, the big sheep needs high energy, that is, the lamb feeds the umece meal, the big sheep feed corn, in the crude proportion, the lamb within seventy pounds, the crude ratio is 4: 6, Seventy pounds of sheep, 6: 4, one hundred and twenty-pounds, can be 7: 3, increase the amount of fine extract, beneficial to quickly and fly … Kangmehua Feed Co., Ltd. Division

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