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A good water quality is very important to raise the fish, good water quality is very important for the survival and growth of cultured animals. The pH is an integrated index to reflect the water quality condition, which is an important comprehensive factor affecting fish activities. If the pH is too high or too low, it will directly endanger the fish, leading to physiological dysfunction, affecting its growth or causes other diseases, and even death. Therefore, in the process of circulating aquaculture, the control of one of the water environment conditions is very important.
The effect of pH changes to aquatic animal and damage
Generally, the aquaculture animal can safely live in the pH range of 6.5 ~ 9, and the most suitable range is weak alkaline, that is, pH is 7 ~ 8.5, fresh water The aquaculture is generally meta, but when the pH is exceeded by 9 or less, it will directly lead to a large number of deaths. PH changes affect the utilization of fish to oxygen, and reduce the tolerance of low oxygen conditions; it will increase its aspiracy point when pH is too high or too low. Under acidic water conditions, most fish will be significantly reduced to low oxygen resistance, and fish’s feeding absorption is lowered. Many animals have adverse situations in the pH too high or too low. When the water environment is exceeded or lower than its suitable growth range, the growth of microorganisms will be inhibited, and the composition and ratio of the microorganism will also change.
When the pH is too high, the fish has a base toxic, and there are a large amount of mucus or even kill; the corroding damage is damaged, and a large amount of coagulant is large; the water body has a lot of dead algae and the died of algae cells. It is prone to black rickets when shrimetine poisoning, and then evolved into rotten diseases, causing ventilator to obstacles, suffocating death.
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The regulation of pH

(1) Control of the water quality of the bleeding (pH 9.5) Water quality is based on the use of alum regulation according to the water body; the second is to spill with dilute hydrochloric acid or acetic acid; three is or more organic fertilizer, with fatty base; fourth is to prevent fish disease When you use a raw lime, it is advisable to use bleaching powder and Chinese herbal medicine.

In short, the pH of the circulating aquaculture should be kept as much as possible to maintain the normal growth of the biological growth, which is conducive to feed utilization, reducing the amount of breeding animal excretion, and reduces pollution to water quality. Cost, improve production performance.

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