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Suspension As the name refers to a solid substance suspended in water. The solid particles in the circulating water breeding system are mainly from the three parts of the fish feces, the bait and bacterial organism. The main source is the feed, the feed of feed determines the number of solid suspended matter. The increase in suspensions will cause the water to be turbid, so that the turbidity in the water increases. And the organic suspension is not treated for a long time, which will deposit at the bottom of the fish pond, anaerobic bacteria began to reproduce, deteriorate the water quality.
In aquaculture, suspended goods have a great influence on fish in water, especially in high-density circulating water. Mainly manifested in: 1. Body damage to fish
Suspension particles will cause body damage to the fish in water such as: blocking the bore, stimulating the silk and mucosa. The degree of influence depends on the nature, hardness and shape of the suspended material, and also depends on fish varieties and their tolerance.
2. Thereby the fish breathing is difficult, causing too much asphyxia death water suspension to increase the turbidity in the water, while the water is turbid to interfere with the actions of fish, affecting the yield. In production practice, the suspension will hinder fish breathing. Especially the waterpit pond or Tangtang breeding model, due to rain or sandworms into clay mud, affect fish, leading to fish floats and even suffocation.

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3. Turbidity has highly affects the appetite of fish. The study shows that the water is turbid, white gray or milk white will make the squid do not eat, easy to get oxygen, causing fish to disease, poisoning; circulating breeding In the cultivation of the fish, the fish, the turbid water reached 70-80mg / L, the fish group appetite, the food is not very fierce, the growth is slow; the water quality is improved to SS is 49-53mg / L, the fish appetite is strong, The food is dramatic, growing faster.

4. The adaptability has long been in a water body in turbidity, and some fish adapted to the turbidity environment, and the tolerance of turbidity is enhanced. If the turbidity of the water is suddenly changed, such as the aquaculture water body A large amount of suspended matter is removed, or the fish is more significant and even died in the influence of fish from high turbidity water into low turbidity water.

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