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Rabbit Staphcoccosis is a common disease caused by S. aureus, and has a number of diseases to form suppurative inflammation in rabbit subcutaneous or in each organ. Golden Staphylococcus aureus is widely distributed in nature, air, water, surface, dust, and human animals table are large.

Prevention and treatment:
First to keep the rabbit cage and sports field clean and hygiene, remove all sharp items that may damage the skin of the rabbit, and the pads are dry and soft.
Prevent the rabbit bite, found that the wound was rubbed with iodine in time.
Prior to injection drugs, the injection site should be strictly disinfected.
The female rabbit is appropriate to reduce the amount of feed and succulent feed, so as to avoid overcapacity after the birth; the rabbit is also reduced before the rabbit is weaned.
When breastfeeding in the female rabbit, the rabbit was transferred to the babysitter bare or artificial breastfeeding. The affected part should extrud out the milk at the beginning of the disease, and use the cold towel to apply the warm towel to eliminate inflammation. Sudden each day, about 15 minutes each time; or put the bovine yellow detoxification piece with distilings and eliminating the happening, use the gauze, 2 times a day; can also apply the heating pain and anti-inflammatory cream, or use antibiotics to enclose therapy, day. Tel: 0374-8136766
Surgical pus can be adopted: After the cutting of the affected, 5% iodine is disinfected, try to choose the lower case in the pustule position, to the legacy drainage, thoroughly pus The purulent cavity is applied with iodine and spreads the flour or penicillin powder. For the yellow urine rabbit, the first should stop breastfeeding, and the farewarbbit is treated with antibacterial drugs such as Ennohaxing. After the born is born, pay attention to the disinfection of the umbilical cord. Consultation QQ: 2627108897
Sepsis sepsis occurs in Erbian, also uses broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs such as Ennohaxing, and uses 2% Dragon Galloya Solution to rub the affected part every day.
For the patient’s affected part of the rabbit, the ulcers, advanced to clean up and disinfection, remove necrotic tissue, apply a sulfonamide ointment, wrap the rabbit, dry, dry cage. Pay attention to hemostasis due to the rich blood vessels in the rabbit foot. In terms of prevention or treatment of this disease, broad-spectrum antibacterial, such as Ennohaxing, sulfamer methoxysoxysoxysoxy, etc..

Injection of moroccotic diseases and vaccines can prevent this disease. The female rabbit is inoculated before and after breeding; the rabbit is broken after weaning, 2 times a year.2 ml of injection of 2 ml per subcutaneous, can be controlled or reduced. Consultation QQ: 2627108897
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