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During the extensive breeding process, due to a large amount of bait investment and medication, the water environment pollution is increasing, the disease is frequent, and it will inevitably cause a large amount of death of the cultured organism, which leads to serious economic losses, especially High input, high-output factory circulating water breeding system, due to a large amount of artificial bait, the nitrogen-containing organic matter contains a large number of nitrogen-containing organic matter; at the same time, due to the large amount of stocking density, the bio-metabolism is strong, the amount of ammonia nitrogen excreted increases, the ammonia nitrogen in the water It will cause chronic poisoning of fish to inhibit its growth. Therefore, in the high-density intensive condensation system of the factory, the water quality indicator is maintained, and various toxic and harmful contaminants including ammonia nitrogen and nitrite are the most important links in time.
Factory circulating water breeding is usually used to remove ammonia nitrogen in water, but it will also be affected by some factors of the outside world. This paper mainly discusses the effects of different pH and filter materials on nitrifying bacterial ammonia effects. Water treatment is used to carry out water treatment in circulating water breeding.

The effect of different pH on nitrification bacteria

pH is one of the important environmental factors affecting nitrification. In the range of pH 6.0 ~ 10.0, the nitrification bacteria has the removal effect in the water body, and the rate of removal rate is high at pH 8.0 to 9.0, indicating that alkaline conditions are more conducive to the treatment of ammonia nitrogen in nitrite. At pH6.0, nitrifying bacteria have an removal effect on the ammonia nitrogen in the water in the early stage of the test, but then remove the efficiency gradually decline, and even stagnation. This is mainly nitrifying in low concentration ammonia nitrogen in low concentration ammonia, which is greatly affected by the pH. It is appropriate to improve the water pH to help improve nitrification.
Different filter materials affect the effect of high quality filter materials with a large specific surface area, strong adsorption force, easy to attach the microorganism, high strength, chemical and biological stability. From the removal effect of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, the ceramic ring is an excellent filter material which has good effect on nitrifying bacteria to remove ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen; and bio-brush only for deionization of ammonia nitrogen. Good effect, coral stone only has good results to remove nitrite nitrogen. In view of the different influences of different filter materials, there is different effects on nitrification bacteria, it is recommended that in the water treatment of factory chemical circulating water, it is preferred to selectively use several filter materials, and the advantages are complementary.
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